Dean Trippe's pitch for a kid-oriented <i>Lois Lane</i> series

Every now and then word comes out of a great idea for a comic that, for one reason or another, never made it's way to print. This week, you're in for a doozy.

Cartoonist Dean Trippe (Butterfly) was working with DC editor Chris Cerasi for a number of months on a new series reportedly to be part of DC's kids line. Going under the title Lois Lane, Girl Reporter, Trippe's proposal outlined a series of young-adult novels co-written with John Campbell and illustrated by Daniel Krall. The premise, as taken directly from the proposal to DC, was:

Lois Lane, Girl Reporter follows the adventures of young Lois Lane. At eleven years old, Lois has discovered her calling: investigative journalism. She sets out to right wrongs and help out her friends. This series explores Lois’s character, reveals her surprising early influence on the future Man of Steel, and introduces fun new elements into this enduring character’s back story.

In each book, Lois will tackle a problem or mystery affecting the members of the community she finds herself in as she travels around the country. The investigations in this series will not be mystical or supernatural (though some characters may suspect such sources), but real world problems that Lois works to set right.

After months years of delay, Trippe reports that "it doesn't look like the current leadership of DC is remotely interested in this kinda thing" and has posted it online for posterity. Trippe is currently working on a new OGN with J. Torres called Power Lunch for Oni Press, and still hopes to get a chance on one of DC or Marvel's superheroes in the near future.

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