Dean Koontz's Nevermore #1

Love makes us do crazy things. Meet Robert Godric, who in a desperate attempt to bring back his wife, Nora, who died of an aggressive brain cancer, invents a way to travel to parallel earths and searches for a living Nora on the infinite number of Earths. Inadvertently, he and his team encounter an alien hivelike race-the Hydra-that is conquering Earth after Earth after Earth. If the Hydra find our version by following Godric back to it, our civilization will not survive the invasion.

Created exclusively for comics by Dean Koontz, Nevermore is a brand new story from the masterful pen of New York Times Bestselling author Dean Koontz and featuring an adaptation by comic book writer Kieth Champagne and gorgeous illustrations by artist Andy Smith, Dean Koontz's Nevermore is a story that is filled with love, loss,

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