Deadshot Takes Aim on "Batman: Arkham City"

On the latest episode of GameTrailers TV, developer Rocksteady Studios unveiled some new information for "Batman: Arkham City," including a pair of helpful new gadgets that the Dark Knight can put to good use over the course of the game and an additional villain that will put his skills to the test.

In terms of gadgets, Batman will actually be able to use some of Mr. Freeze's tech for his own benefit, including a Freeze Blast. This serves as both a tactical advantage in combat and a helpful item to use when Batman has to move across water. A second or two after throwing this grenade-like device, it causes whatever it's touching to freeze solid -- on a watery surface, it creates an ice sheet Batman can float on, using the Grapple Gun to grab onto buoys and maneuver it around. When used against enemies, it binds them in ice, allowing Batman to take them down quickly and efficiently. With large groups of thugs, this can prove to be an especially useful attack.

The other gadget Batman will be able to use is the Remote Electrical Charge. This shoots out an electrical current that serves a pair of purposes. With some electrical gadgets, it enables activation, such as turning on an elevator that's run out of juice or turning on a generator that attracts metallic objects, helpful for solving puzzles. This EMP gun can also be fired directly at an enemy to temporarily take them out of action. The only downside to this gun is that you have to use charges sparingly, so make them count.

These two new "toys" (as the Joker would deem them) join rather than replace Batman's arsenal of gadgets from "Arkham Asylum", including explosive gel (ideal for busting through walls and thick windows), Batarangs (which can either be quickly thrown or directly handled by the player, depending on how the button is held down) and a code sequencer to unlock radio frequencies, thus being able to listen to enemy transmissions.

Batman will need all of these toys, especially with the introduction of a new foe to the game's rogue gallery in Deadshot. The assassin takes up residence in the Arkham City prison, taking out targets and going after others that are still alive -- including the Dark Knight. As part of the game's investigative missions, you'll track clues from the murders that Deadshot commits in an effort to track him down before he is able to complete any more jobs. This is where Batman's trajectory skills are quite useful, as he can track the path of certain bullets to track Deadshot's potential locations while avoiding the villain's incoming fire. But be wary -- Batman not only has to worry about being sniped from a distance, but also has to contend with the assassin's other firepower which he's happy to use at a closer range.

"Batman: Arkham City" arrives in stores October 18

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