Deadshot Takes Aim In New "Arrow" Photos

With the season premiere of "Arrow" one week away, more details continue to surface about the freshman CW drama. While Oliver Queen's rogue's gallery has already been teased to include Deathstroke the Terminator, China White, nothing has been seen of the DCU's most accurate assassin, Deadshot, beyond the initial announcement. However, The Huffington Post has revealed photos from the third episode of "Arrow" featuring actor Michael Rowe's portrayal of Deadshot, including a close-up look at the assassin's eyepiece and rifle. The episode, entitled "Lone Gunman," directly follows Kelly Hu's appearance as China White.

Originally debuting as a Batman villain, Deadshot has a long history in the DC Universe as a villainous gun for hire and appears in the New 52 title "Suicide Squad." The villain is characterized by his incredibly accuracy and wrist-mounted guns. This isn't the first time Deadshot has appeared in other forms of media -- the character showed up in the final season of "Smallville" portrayed by Bradley Stryker. The character also had a notable appearance in the "Batman: Gotham Knight" animated film, which bridged the gap between Christopher Nolan's "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight."

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