A Will Smith Deadshot Movie Should Look to This Classic Comic

Floyd Lawton, Deadshot, finally made his big screen debut in David Ayer's Suicide Squad. Portrayed by actor Will Smith, the lethal marksman's next appearance in the DC Extended Universe will likely be in Suicide Squad 2, but Warner Bros. could have bigger plans for Smith's Deadshot in the DCEU.

Regarding a Deadshot spinoff film, Smith said, "They've been talking about it. If a good idea comes around... we've been having meetings but I would love to." If a "good idea" is all Warner Bros. and Will Smith need to move forward with a movie about DC's master marksman, they should take a look at the character's first limited series by co-writers John Ostrander and Kim Yale, artist Luke McDonnell, colorist Julianna Ferriter and letterer Tim Harkins.

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The four-issue limited series from 1988 would be the perfect inspiration for Deadshot because it delivers big on action and even bigger on character. Instead of being yet another end of the world plot on the big screen, a film loosely inspired by Deadshot's first volume would explore his psyche and his tragic family dynamic while also giving the assassin plenty of opportunities to take aim at some bad people. It would prove the DCEU's Deadshot isn't just an evil and shockingly accurate gunslinger version of Will Smith, there's more to the character... much more.

A movie loosely inspired by Deadshot's first series would definitely stand apart from the more traditional comic book movies that feature heroic characters, and it looks like Warner Bros. is certainly open to that since the studio has solo plans for Joker, Black Adam, Lobo, Deathstroke and more evildoers. The (mostly) grounded story wouldn't require a big budget or lots of CGI to thrive -- bring on the blood squibs.

The series relied on a gripping narrative and the sheer brutality of Deadshot's world, not over-the-top spectacle. No matter what the DCEU looks like at the time of Deadshot's release, it would be fairly easy to adapt without worrying about continuity, too. Unless something drastic happens with the character or his daughter in Suicide Squad 2, of course.

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Deadshot's twisted origin slowly unfolds before leading up to the big reveal in the final chapter. Who killed Floyd's brother and paralyzed his father when he was a kid? Why does Deadshot have a death wish? What's up with his reclusive mother? Why isn't Deadshot still with the mother of his child? Can Deadshot's mentality be "fixed?"

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