"Deadpool's" TJ Miller Is Game To Appear In Plenty Of X-Men Films

To call "Deadpool" a success would be an understatement; the film still holds the domestic box office record for 2016 with an impressive $362.5 million haul. Considering its massive success, "Deadpool 2" was a no-brainer as far as Fox was concerned. That means we'll get to see more of Ryan Reynolds' mercenary -- and possibly more of his sidekick Weasel, played by T.J. Miller. Miller recently spoke to Cinema Blend about his future with the franchise, and he indicated that Weasel has a big future ahead of him.

"'Deadpool' is not going anywhere anytime soon," said Miller. "I think there's probably going to be three more installments, a Weasel spinoff. I'm contractually obliged to do the cameos in other X-Men universe stuff, so there's plenty more 'Deadpool' to come."

While the comedian was most likely joking about a Weasel spinoff, he's not wrong about there being plenty more "Deadpool" on the way. A sequel is in the works and it's possible that he'll be front and center in the potential "X-Force" film. But Miller also continued his bit about a Weasel film, too.

"I'm excited about the prospect of a Weasel spinoff, because he makes this super suit, that's not great and it's a superhero in Las Vegas protects casinos," said Miller, referencing an actual storyline from Daniel Way's "Deadpool" run. "I mean, it just, everything about it is perfect for me... What if the Iron Man suit was sort of budget, like he can't fly, but he can hover three or four feet."

"Deadpool 2" does not yet have a release date.

(via Entertainment Weekly)

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