"Deadpool's" Skrein Confirmed As Ajax

After first being rumored for a part in "Deadpool" back in January, Ed Skrein's role in the upcoming Ryan Reynolds antihero film has remained a mystery even as other cast members revealed their roles. Now, thanks to a picture posted to the "Transporter Legacy" star's Twitter account, we now know that Skrein is playing Ajax in "Deadpool."

Created by writer Joe Kelly and artist Walter McDaniel, Ajax debuted in 1998's "Deadpool" #14 and tormented the Merc with a Mouth for an arc before being defeated in issue #19. Like Deadpool, Ajax was also a failed product of Canada's Weapon X program. The Weapon X doctors killed his pain receptors and jacked up his physical prowess, making him super strong, fast and durable.

This casting further solidifies that the Tim Miller-directed film is drawing more from Wade Wilson's first few years of publication; T.J. Miller has been confirmed as Weasel, Deadpool's tech expert that assisted him in his early appearances, and Morena Baccarin is playing Deadpool's old flame Vanessa. Pictures of Reynolds, Skrein, Baccarin and Miller have popped up over the past few days as "Deadpool" began production in Vancouver.

"Deadpool" hits theaters on February 12, 2016.

- Ed Skrein (@edskrein) April 7, 2015

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