"Deadpool's" Reynolds & Miller Discuss Chances Of "Deadpool vs. Wolverine"

People want to see Deadpool fight Wolverine on film.

Hugh Jackman has said he's "open" to the idea, Ryan Reynolds has hoped it would happen, Jackman's talked up his friendship with Reynolds and gotten involved with "Deadpool's" ad campaign, and he responded to getting called out by the merc in video. In a recent interview with MTV International, "Deadpool" stars Reynolds and T.J. Miller (who plays 'Pool's sidekick Weasel) once again talked about the team-up they would most like to see happen.

"Wolverine, man," answered Miller. "I know it happens, kind of, in the comics, but it would be interesting to see what it is. But I do believe in the future there will be a movie called 'Deadpool vs. Wolverine.'"

Reynolds wasn't so sure about that, joking that the idea is "very ambitious" before saying, "Who wouldn't want to see a 'Deadpool/Wolverine' movie?" But since Hugh Jackman has said that the upcoming third "Wolverine" film will be his last one as the character, Reynolds doesn't have much hope for that to happen.

The pair then set their sights on Ant-Man. "Just hanging out with Deadpool, not versus," said Miller. "Maybe 'Ant-Man with Deadpool.'" Reynolds countered, saying that while he loves Ant-Man, it's "its own thing" and "too sweet."

You can check out the rest of the interview below. "Deadpool" opens in theaters on February 12.

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