"Deadpool's" Negasonic Teenage Warhead Almost Looked Very Different

"Deadpool's" Negasonic Teenage Warhead was not only given a different power set for her big screen debut, she received a complete visual overhaul.

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Concept artist Joshua James Shaw has shared a look at the process that went into designing the admittedly obscure character for the big screen. The earliest attempts at translating actor Brianna Hildebrand's character to live action involved some rather goth-inspired traditional superhero outfits, an approach director Tim Miller quickly steered Shaw away from.

"It turns out I was going overboard with the goth look for NTW and Tim wanted us to do a pass of her in a suit close to what Josh Middleton designed for his New Mutant covers," Shaw shared on his website. "Then the costume department would put together something over the suit to give her the goth look. I've learned over the years that some directors care about the source material, and you can guess which ones don't. Fun Fact: Tim goes to the comic store just about every week and leaves with a PILE of comics!"

Shaw also released a look at the concept art for the title character's super-suit, which went through a lot less changes. In fact, the design Shaw developed for the test footage that was infamously leaked in 2014 was the same one used in the final film.

"Deadpool" is in theaters now.

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