"Deadpool's" Duggan to Succeed Wells on "Nova" in November

"Nova" has a new writer at the helm of Sam Alexander's galactic adventures in November, as Marvel.com has announced "Deadpool" scribe Gerry Duggan as the series' new ongoing writer. Alongside current series artist Paco Medina, Duggan will begin his run with a back-up story to Zeb Wells' "Nova" #100 -- the tenth issue of the current ongoing, but the centennial issue overall.

"First issue and first arc, you're going to see some big adventure in space and then a little bit of a mystery," Duggan told Marvel.com. "We won't be rebooting the Nova Corps, but Sam will be learning about the Corps through old Nova helmets that he'll be recovering. He'll be learning about how the wearer was killed. It's not quite a black box, but he'll gleam new ways to use his powers and how to really get a head's up on some threats. That'll be a fun little "Indiana Jones" type adventure for him to check out. In that, we're going to experience a lot of the corners of the cosmic Marvel Universe. I'm not sure if this all approved so I'll put it like this: Look for some big and fun guest stars. If you like big and scary looking heroes that look like horses, you might be thrilled at one of the guest stars in the first arc

"I think one of the first times you see Sam, he's in orbit with a ball bat whacking at space junk," he continued. "He's stationary and all the trash is moving at 17,000 miles an hour. Those are the sorts of things where I try to remember what kind of kid I was. I broke some windows. Sam will break some windows too, but when he breaks a window it's usually of some sort of galactic importance."

The announcement of Duggan as "Nova's" new writer makes it the only Marvel NOW! book to have accumulated three different writers. Although Wells is currently the series' scribe, he and Medina took over from Jeph Loeb and Ed McGunness, who launched the book following "Avengers Vs. X-Men."

Wells' first issue of his 5-issue "Nova" arc hit stores in July, and received a positive critical reaction -- including from CBR reviewer Greg McElhatton, who

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