"Deadpool's" Box Office Success May Help "The Goon" Film Get Made

Back in 2012, "Goon" writer and artist Eric Powell and director Tim Miller launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to help get an animated film based on the comic property made. The film already attracted attention for having David Fincher on board as a producer, and now Miller's name has gained some traction thanks to the recent success of "Deadpool."

In the years since launching the Kickstarter, Miller made his live-action directorial debut with "Deadpool" -- a film that grossed an outstanding $363 million domestically. That success, "Goon" creator Eric Powell told CBR in an interview, is only helping the animated film through the development process.

"The film is still moving forward," Powell told CBR. "Tim Miller has obviously got a little more heat since coming off 'Deapool.' We're hoping that can finally get us over that last hurdle. I think he's more positive about it happening now than any time through this whole long process, which is instilling me with more cautious optimism."

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This echoes what Miller said about the project just a few months ago. "If 'Deadpool' shined any light in the direction of the studio, we wanna use some of that light to shine it on 'Goon,'" said Miller in April. He continued, saying, "'Deadpool' proves it, in a big way, that there is a market for this stuff out there... 'Goon' is very much an action -- it's got a lot of heart, it's got a lot of comedy, it's got a lot of similarities to what I think was successful in 'Deadpool,' and so I think it's not a stretch to compare those two things and say the world is a little more ready than they used to be for this kind of material. In the past, there's reasons why 'The Goon' wasn't made, it's because people were afraid of edgy animation. Now I think that 'Deadpool' has proved that that audience is out there in a bigger way than some people thought."

Check back with CBR for our full interview with Eric Powell.

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