Deadpool Drops an (Unintentional) F-Bomb on Wolverine in a Marvel Comic

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Absolute Carnage vs. Deadpool #2 by Frank Tieri, Marcelo Ferreira and Tyler Kirkham.

Deadpool may be known for using four letter words in the movies, but his latest colorful comment is in a mainstream comic book. The Merc with a Mouth seems to have dropped an F-Bomb this week, and not even in a Marvel MAX title. In Absolute Carnage vs. Deadpool #2, Deadpool hits up his hideout/comic book store to stock up on weapons.

Among the menagerie of comic books seen on the shelves is one starring Wolverine. It's not exactly certain if the Sucks! seen under Wolverine #1 is some of Deadpool's graffiti or the actual copy for the comic book. The nose picking Wolverine on the cover makes it seem to be the latter, though.

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What the F?

More important is the placement of the Deadpool statue in front of the comics. The shaft of Deadpool's sword in his right hand conveniently collides with Sucks! The effect is the illusion of an F, furthering the graffiti motif with an obvious swear word. It could be argued that this is a completely unintentional effect.

Comics, however, are a visual medium, with even the background art of scenes typically being intentional. It also fits in with the premise of Deadpool as a character. Deadpool stories are typically both edgy and comedic, a tone bolstered by the success of the two Deadpool movies. Having this blink-and-you-miss-it gag would allow Deadpool to "say" the word uncensored without drawing the ire of editorial.

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What Does Editorial Allow?

Whether they're rated All Ages, Teen or Teen+, mainstream Marvel and DC comic books do not print strong profanity uncensored. This even goes for harder edged titles, such as early 2000's Marvel Knights books. Even the 2017 Bullseye miniseries, which was marketed as not being for kids, had its profanity censored.

An exception to the rule would be the Marvel MAX books. These titles, even more hardcore than Marvel Knights, could feature all of the gore, sexuality and profanity they wanted. To this end, they didn't feature too many mainstream Marvel heroes in starring roles. Instead, the stories featured darker or more grounded characters like Jessica Jones, The Punisher, Luke Cage, Wolverine and, of course, Deadpool.

The MAX titles, as well as the Deadpool movies, used the character in crass, coarse and "adult" situations that simply couldn't be replicated in a mainstream monthly comic book. This edgier version of Deadpool at his rawest is probably his most popular incarnation at this point, making anything else seem watered down by comparison.

That's part of why the character's eventual implementation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is so hotly debated. While this sword gag may be completely coincidental, it's more than likely the writer or artist trying to bring in some of the character's now trademark irreverence, at least as much as editorial will allow.

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