Deadpool's Unlikely Sidekicks, From Dopinder to Headpool

As we learned from the very first Deadpool 2 teaser trailer, among the quick succession of scenes that we see, at least two of them included Deadpool once again teaming up with Dopinder, his taxi driver from the first film. They certainly make an unusual pair, and as longtime readers know, in the context of Deadpool's Marvel Comics history, they work together nicely, as Deadpool has long had a history of having some pretty strange sidekicks.

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Here, we celebrate Wade Wilson's wide circle of friends, sidekicks and unwilling torture victims. Below, we spotlight a few of his most notable acquaintances, not to mention plus his oddest ones, like the zombified head of himself from another dimension. Really.


Weapons designer Weasel has the distinction of being the longest-running member of Deadpool's supporting cast, being introduced in an issue of Cable before featuring prominently in Deadpool's first miniseries. The character served as sort of a twisted version of Q from James Bond, as the person who supplies Deadpool with his weapons, but also is someone that Deadpool can talk to about things. Their relationship has gone through some crazy ups and downs over the years.

In the Deadpool film, Weasel is now a bartender instead.


Once Deadpool graduated into his own ongoing series, writer Joe Kelly had to expand Deadpool's supporting cast accordingly, so he introduced one of Deadpool's strangest relationships, that of Blind Alfred, an older blind woman who was technically Deadpool's hostage and yet she seemed to act more like a mother figure to him. At the same time, he also actively tortured her (putting her into "the box," a room with sharp blades everywhere), making their relationship an extremely twisted one.

In the Deadpool film, Blind Alfred is just Deadpool's roommate...

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