Deadpool Throws Twitter Party For "Golden Girls'" 30th Anniversary

Picture it: NBC, 1985.

A sitcom starring four older women living, laughing and midnight-snacking their way through heartbreaks, presidential visits, HIV scares, hostage crises, mean-spirited girl scouts, talent shows, conniving artists, shipwrecks and visits from a parade of men debuted thirty years ago today. For seven cheesecake-flavored seasons, "Golden Girls" delighted audiences of all ages. One such audience member? Deadpool -- Marvel's Merc with a Mouth and star of a 2016 feature film bearing his name.

While 'Pool may be a fictional fan, his appreciation for Bea Arthur -- who played the shoulder-pad-wearing master of sarcasm Dorothy Zbornak -- is legendary. The "Deadpool" movie Twitter account knows this and tweeted a celebratory pic for the show's birthday -- although Blanche would definitely give the merc side-eye for attaching a number to the greeting.

30 years of the #GoldenGirls showering us with fun. #Deadpool pic.twitter.com/rLuhl139HT

- Deadpool Movie (@deadpoolmovie) September 14, 2015

And yes, that is a very Deadpool-esque double entendre -- one that would make Sophia cackle and fly right over Rose's head. And looking at that doll pic, one can only wonder which is more maddening -- Deadpool's relentless one-liners or Rose's endless tales of St. Olaf.

"Deadpool" opens on February 12, 2016 and "Golden Girls" is most likely playing right now on at least one cable station.

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