Deadpool Team-Up #886

Story by
Art by
Nick Dragotta
Colors by
Brad Simpson
Letters by
Jeff Eckleberry
Cover by
Marvel Comics

Deadpool is generally an annoying character. Let that be the preface that informs this review even further. I don't like Deadpool as a general entity and I haven't read much of his stuff. But I love Iron Fist; He's right up there as one of my absolute favorite characters. I bought this issue purely for Iron Fist and I won't pretend otherwise. I am also glad that I did because it reads much more like an Iron Fist story that Deadpool happens to appear in.

I love that this issue is stand alone and doesn't need anything else. The story obviously isn't massively deep. They don't try to cram an arc into 22 pages, but they do deliver one hell of a mission. Deadpool is on the hunt to kill someone and Iron Fist just happens to wander in. It's an easy team up and a surprisingly enjoyable one. You don't need to analyze or hold it up to the puzzle of continuity. You just need to point, laugh, smile, and be happy that your $2.99 invested in entertainment yielded results.

Deadpool isn't over-written by McCarthy and I appreciate that. He seems more concerned with the tale than trying to find every single corner to shoehorn in a 'Pool caption. Deadpool almost feels like a real character, not a cartoon, and this gives Iron Fist an opportunity to also make his own funnies, of which he is more than capable.

Pairing these two is like creating the Sinatra/Martin team on stage because both bring similar qualities but there is a clear definition between the two. They complement each other with jokes as well as fighting styles. I get the feeling I could actually read more issues of these two guys doing little missions together, especially if McCarthy was involved. This guy knows how to write some absolutely smashing Iron Fist moments.

Nick Dragotta should draw more Iron Fist in his future. He makes the pages feel like a logical and spiritual continuation of what Aja did on the relaunch years ago. The action is dynamic and fun at all times. There are a few choice Iron Fist moments that look like Dragotta has been waiting all his life to draw the hell out of. They might be some of the prettiest panels featuring the immortal weapon of K'un L'un ever, and that's very big talk. I could read through this comic again many times just looking at the art.

As far as a Deadpool comic goes, this one feels kind of flat. It's funny and yet not juvenile enough. It's gory but yet still has story. These feel like backhand criticisms because what's left is a comic that uses timing and call backs to generate laughs and handles the action well and yet still slips in character moments. As far as an Iron Fist comic goes, this one is damn fun. This single issue is the reason why Iron Fist should get his own "Team-Up" title; I can only dream of a world where his saturation reaches such levels. This comic isn't perfect, and it won't ever be studied, but I defy you not to enjoy it. If you miss "The Immortal Iron Fist," you should pick up this issue. It's not as smart but it's twice as cool.

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