Did Deadpool and She-Hulk Ever Break the Fourth Wall Together?

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Like The Lord of the Rings, I am ready to complete this trilogy! Heck, who am I kidding, I managed to get, like, seven legends out of a single Charles Addams cartoon, I'm sure there is another angle that I'm not seeing here that I can re-visit in the future. In the meantime, though, as far as I can see, this is the conclusion of our trip through the fourth wall with Deadpool and She-Hulk.

A while back, I addressed how other characters react when Deadpool breaks the fourth wall. Then, the other day, I addressed how characters react when SHE-HULK breaks the fourth wall. Now, reader Danny J. wants to know if they ever broke the fourth wall TOGETHER.

The simple answer is...they haven't. Not really, at least.

Interestingly, while Joe Kelly mostly gets the credit for Deadpool breaking the fourth wall, it was really during the NEXT run on Deadpool, by Christopher Priest, that Deadpool breaking the fourth wall became a regular thing.

That is why it is fascinating to note that Priest, while having Deadpool fairly regularly break the wall, did not make any fourth wall jokes when Deadpool fought the Avengers in Deadpool #44 (by Priest, Jim Calafiore and Jon Holdredge)...

That panel with her punching him while she's telling him to shut up...that was almost the featured image for this piece.

Anyhow, sometime later, She-Hulk actually served as Deadpool's lawyer when he was being committed during a really bad period in his life (mental health-wise)...

No references to the fourth wall, though.

In 2013's Deadpool #2, Deadpool is not breathing following an attack by the ghost of Abraham Lincoln the previous issue and he hallucinates female superheroes wanting him. His DREAM of She-Hulk seems to kind of sort of be breaking the fourth wall, but not really...

In Wolverines #13 (by Charles Soule, Jason Masters and Guy Major), Deadpool buys some claws and decides that HE is going to take over for Wolverine and, in a case of HIM breaking the fourth wall in a way the others don't understand, threatens She-Hulk the same way Wolverine did in his first appearance in Incredible Hulk #181...

You could POSSIBLY read her "Oh Lord" as being directed at the readers, but not really.

Later on, in the Gwenpool Holiday Special, She-Hulk won't let Deadpool come to her party because of what he did in the Wolverines story.

There are a couple of Deadpool/She-Hulk interactions in the Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars miniseries, but nothing about the fourth wall...

So, for the most part, the answer really is "They never broke the fourth wall together."

However, there are two SLIGHT exceptions that are outside of comic book stories proper that we'll show to you...

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