How Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars Put Wade Wilson in the Marvel Classic

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Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza introduced Deadpool to the world in 1991, meaning he wasn’t around in time for the original Secret Wars crossover from 1984. However, that doesn’t mean Wade Wilson has ever managed to avoid the original Battle-World. During the 2015 Secret Wars crossover, Deadpool was revealed to have played a role in the original story after all in the pages of Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars by Cullen Bunn and Matteo Lolli.

Now, CBR is taking a look back at the miniseries and how Deadpool’s involvement changed the original Secret Wars story.

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Secret Secret Warrior

The new retelling of Secret Wars brings Deadpool into the original Marvel crossover. Like Magneto, he’s sorted into the heroic side to his surprise, despite his more murderous inclinations. He fights alongside the superheroes in the ensuing battles and despite his antics, Deadpool does a lot to help his fellow heroes. At one point, he even directly saves Captain America from a surprise attack by Kang.

Wade endeavors to work alongside all the heroes, including the X-Men. He does this ever after they elect to split off from the other heroes, helping distract Spider-Man long enough for Charles Xavier to erase his memory. But Wade soon ends up back with the other heroes, fighting against Doctor Doom and the other villains, managing to subdue villains like Kang all on his own.

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The Symbiote Effect

Wade’s presence in the comic actually changes some elements of the original story. He fights villains like Thunderball and Absorbing Man, distracting them from attacking the other heroes. Instead of Reed Richards devising a device to free the heroes from underneath a mountain, Deadpool mocks Hulk until he’s angry enough to hold the mountain long enough for Reed to modify the precognitive disc Wade had found to save their lives.

While he’s inside the heroes new base, Wade ends up bonding with the Venom symbiote before Spider-Man ever gets the chance to. His own madness ends up influencing the symbiote after it tries to meld with him. This could be held up as the reason the symbiote became such an unstable villain.

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Wade also had a major connection with the alien healer Zsaji, as did many of the other heroes. Upon meeting Zsaji, Wade inadvertently has his appearance restored by her powers, removing his typically scarred look. As with everyone healed by Zsaji, Wade fell in love with the alien healer. This didn’t stop him from hooking up with Janet Van Dyne, the Wasp, although his mind was still clearly focused on Zsaji.

The Changing Ending

After Doctor Doom tries to wipe out the heroes, Wade’s healing factor ensures that he manages to survive the blast. He joins the Lizard in recruiting Zsaji to restore the heroes. The act saves all the heroes but drains Zsaji of all of her life-force, killing her. This also undoes all the effects of Zsaji's previous treatment on Deadpool and reverts his appearance to his usual scarred visage. This unsettles Wasp on multiple levels (both at his appearance, and then at her own reaction to him), leaving both her and Wade miserable as they take part in the final battle of Secret Wars.

When the heroes are given the chance to wish for anything, Wade’s involvement in Secret Wars is forcibly forgotten by everyone except Deadpool. An ashamed Wasp wanted to forget her hook-up with Deadpool and what her disgust of his appearance said about herself. However, the effect was too strong and erased the memory from all the other heroes as well. But Wade’s wish was much more altruistic. It's revealed to have restored Zsaji to life and away from the other heroes, giving her the chance for a peaceful, perfect life. That makes a major change to the original Secret Wars because it means that Zsaji is quite possibly still alive somewhere in the Marvel Universe to this day.

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