Deadpool: Liefeld Announces His Final Story Starring the Merc with a Mouth


Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld confirmed that Deadpool: Badder Blood will be his final story featuring the Merc with a Mouth.

On Instagram, Liefeld revealed that his last take on the character will unfold in Deadpool: Badder Blood, a sequel to 2017’s Deadpool: Bad Blood. He described the story as his "last dance" with Wade Wilson.

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"LAST DANCE!" Liefeld captioned the sneak peek, which showed Deadpool raising hell with his signature weaponry. "These are shots from Deadpool: Badder Blood, a project I’ll complete right after Major X wraps. This one is both a hoot and a holler and will be my definitive and last word with Deadpool. He begged me to be a part of Major X so I let him play in that sandbox as long as he was nice to others, you definitely won't want to miss that one."

This year's Major X is Liefeld's most recent miniseries, which will introduce a new X-Men character as well as a mystical utopia called "The X-istence." It remains to be seen if these will figure into Liefeld's final Deadpool story.

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Judging by these images, what's for certain is that Liefeld will be crafting a story just as chaotic as Bad Blood, which chronicled Wade's adventures against a villain named Thumper, while detailing past connections to Cable, Domino and X-Force.

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