Deadpool returns for next Marvel Ultimate Alliance game

After appearing in a hit movie this summer and heading up at least three different comic titles, it comes as no surprise that Deadpool is making a return appearance in the upcoming video game sequel Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

Deadpool joins Songbird, Iron Fist and many more characters in the sequel to the 2006 hit video game.

"When putting together a new character, it’s always good to be mindful of the visual capabilities of the heroes we’re designing," writes system designer Jay Twining on the game's website. "We don’t make The Hulk shoot laser beams, we don’t animate Storm with weapons. Deadpool’s visuals are universally over-the-top; in a way, he’s like a clown who pulls out different props to get a laugh. Except in his case, he’s laying waste to everyone in his path."

I guess that means he won't be using optic blasts in the game.

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