Deadpool Has ‘Resolved’ the Fantastic Four’s Movie Rights


Things looked bright for the Fantastic Four’s inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to Disney’s bid to purchase all of Fox’s assets. However, at the eleventh hour, Comcast arrived on the scene to make a counter offer that might blindside Disney — thus preventing Marvel’s first family of superheroes from returning home.

But perhaps fans shouldn’t have to worry, because Wade Wilson has accidentally found a simple way to resolve all of those complicated movie studio character rights. The answer is simple really: just go the future, where all of those things are sorted out.

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In the preview of Spider-Man vs. Deadpool #34, Wade Wilson comes across an all-grown-up version of Valeria Richards, the daughter of Reed Richards and Susan Storm after accidentally time-traveling in the future. “Does this mean they eventually get all the rights squared away?” he asks her. “Am I in the Fantastic Four of the future?”

Deadpool Valeria Richards future

Comcast, Disney, Marvel, Fox — none of it matters in the future because it’s all been sorted out already. Perhaps Wade found a loophole, a way for the Fantastic Four to finally appear in the MCU, no matter the outcome of the rights issues? Could a movie set in the future be what we need?

Of course, the simple truth is that Marvel still can’t feature the Fantastic Four in a film, even if said film takes place in the future — not as long as they don’t own the cinematic rights to the characters back. But who knows... Maybe none if that will matter in the future.

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Spider-Man vs. Deadpool #34 is hits store shelves this Wednesday, June 13.

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