Ryan Reynolds Hints At Exploration of Deadpool's Pansexuality in Future Films


Wade Wilson is a man of many faces. He is morally ambiguous, unquestionably hilarious, and dark-humored — a ruthless mercenary and clumsy romantic with a big heart. He is also happily pansexual, a fact most people seem to ignore or aren't aware of.

Wilson is sexually and romantically fluid, and according to former Deadpool writer Gerry Duggan, would "do anything with a pulse." He has flirted with Spider-Man, Colossus, Cable, and Wolverine, has had several sexual relationships with women, has a child, is in love with Lady Death, has competed with Thanos over Death's affections, and is open to pegging and playing bottom, as demonstrated by the last two Deadpool movies. And even then, actor Ryan Reynolds, who plays Wilson, wants to see more.

Reynolds and the cast of Deadpool 2 were at Comic-Con International in San Diego yesterday, receiving fan questions and participating in a panel discussion. When asked about the possibilities of further pansexual and bisexual representation, particularly on the subject of Wilson himself, Reynolds responded, "This universe needs to reflect and represent the world in real ways," hinting on more representation to come, possibly in future Deadpool or X-Men crossover movies.

Fox's movie and TV properties were recently purchased by Disney, so this might mean new X-Men movies sometime after Phase 3 of the MCU, as that universe continues to rapidly expand. Rumor has it Deadpool will not be recast, which will help with continuity should Reynolds be allowed to pursue further LGBTQ representation under the franchise's new leadership. After all, the first two Deadpool films weren't shy about depicting Wilson's pansexuality.

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Deadpool 2 had left Wilson emotionally eviscerated. He nearly died several times and the love of his life, Vanessa, was murdered on account of a mistake he'd made. He almost ended the film wanting to die so he could reunite with Vanessa, but clearly fate (and Josh Brolin's Cable) had other plans. Obviously, Deadpool won't be single for long, however. Eventually he'll find someone, and for pansexual Wade, the sky is literally the limit.

Pansexuality is defined by nonbinary sexual attraction to any person regardless of gender or gender identity — something Wilson is in spades. Throughout his expansive comic book history, and at least one video game, he's fallen for more than just men and women. He's been attracted as well to the physical embodiment of death, proving once more that this man is more than just a mix of dark humor and oversexed hormones. Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza once said that Wilson is fluid because of his accelerated healing factor and the effect it has on his cancer cells. In a sense, his mind moves faster than he could process or question his feelings. That man lives and breathes sexual empowerment, and is easily heteronormativity's worst enemy. Which is pansexuality in a gist.

Deadpool 2 will be released on digital HD on August 7, and on Blu-ray and DVD on August 21.

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