Deadpool Introduces a Twisted Take on a DC Hero in Origin Story 'Reboot'

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Deadpool #1 by Skottie Young and Nic Klein, in stores now.

After spending a few years trying to be a superhero, Deadpool has decided to go back to basics. That means wiping his memory and restarting his career as the preeminent mercenary in the Marvel Universe. The problem with that idea is, no one really likes him enough to actually come to him for business. In fact, most people hate him. He's annoying, and he's a jerk.

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Together with his partner Negasonic Teenage Warrior, because they were "Randomly paired up in a movie and now writer McBaby covers here is trying to ride those coattails," Deadpool #1 by Skottie Young and Nic Klein sees the Merc attempt to craft a more sympathetic origin story for himself. Wade rattles off a few different origin stories, but none of them really feel right. Also, one of them might actually turn out to be true... in a way.

After the first issue, Deadpool might have to work with the Avengers to fight off an invading Celestial no one has ever heard of, but he's also going to have to defeat a threat he created.

Welcome to the DC Universe

Everyone knows how Deadpool came to be. There was even a movie about it, where he has cancer, undergoes some experiments, and turns into the ugliest, un-killable mercenary that ever existed. However, this origin still hasn't made people like him, or even feel bad for him, so he's looking to change things up. He invents a few new, completely original ideas to his uninterested assistant, but they all kind of suck.

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Trying to sell himself as the brainy type, his first new origin includes "science and stuff." He hits himself with gamma radiation to eliminate his cancer, but as a result it transforms him into, no not a Hulk, but a Merc With a Mouth. He also thinks "Deadpool stab" is going to be his new catchphrase.

Not liking how incredibly dumb this sounds, Wade goes younger because "people love them some nerdy underdog stories." He's a teenager getting bullied at school when suddenly he's bitten by a spider. Instead of turning into Spider-Man, he becomes a world-class assassin with swords for some reason.

That doesn't make sense either, so he decides to go bigger. He's a baby who crashes to Earth in a rocket, who is found by his adoptive Ma and Pa. They train him to be the best damn mercenary in the world. Unfortunately, that origin doesn't do anything to make him more sympathetic, so Negasonic Teenage Warhead suggests that, instead, his adoptive parents taught him to do what is good and right.

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Deadpool adds that "My adopted parents teach me to fight for truth and justice and all that mushy #@%$," and if you haven't figured it out yet, he's turned himself into Superman from DC Comics. In one last dig against the film Man of Steel, Wade also states that he can "Snap a &%@!# neck to save the day" if things get rough. This is an obvious reference to the time Superman broke General Zod's neck in the movie, a clear representation of everything the character stands for.

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