"Deadpool" Opens Overseas With $12 Million

Fox's "Deadpool" grossed more than $12 million Wednesday as it opened in seven overseas markets. That's a lot of chimichangas.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the raunchy Ryan Reynolds film debuted to $3.4 million in the United Kingdom, marking the biggest opening for a Fox release bearing a 15 rating.

Australia followed with $2.1 million, and France with $1.8 million. The website notes "Deadpool" outperformed 2014's "X-Men: Days of Future Past" in the United Kingdom and France.

In Belgium, it pulled in $270,000, the largest opening for any superhero movie.

The film also broke records with its Tuesday openings in Taiwan ($1.4 million) and Hong Kong ($650,000), suggesting it may see a strong run across Asia. However, "Deadpool" was denied release in mainland China, the world's second-largest film market (and on its way to becoming the largest).

"Deadpool" will begin its rollout this evening in the United States ahead of a nationwide release on Friday, kicking off both Valentine's Day and Presidents Day weekend.

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