How the Deadpool Film Brought Negasonic Teenage Warhead Back to Comics

She returned in the first issue of Deadpool and the Mercs for Money (about Deadpool's team of mercenaries), written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Iban Coello. She is shown as living a normal life when Deadpool and his men were hired to capture her...

However, it soon became evident that there was something up about her. She had new powers but she had also made up her seemingly normal life. She agreed to be taken in by the mercenaries.

Feeling guilty over what he let happen to her, Deadpool then helped break her out of custody in Deadpool and the Mercs of Money #4, where she had been experimented on for some time.

When Deadpool succeeded in freeing her, she set up shop with the Mercs in Mercs of Money #6 (by Bunn and artist Brian Level), where she now adopted a look similar to that which she wore in the Deadpool film...

However, her powers were still much more powerful than they were before (and they likely had something to do with how she was brought back from the dead), to the point where she almost completely altered the fight between the X-Men and the Inhumans during the X-Men/Inhumans War, but her future self came back in time to stop her and so she instead just ran away and she hasn't been seen since.

deadpool negasonic teenage warhead comics return

When Deadpool 2 comes out, I bet we'll see her return again.

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