Deadpool: 6 Things The Movies Changed And 4 Things They Kept The Same

Deadpool is a beloved comic book character and now one of the most popular superheroes in the film world. He had a long and rocky road to this point, but both Deadpool and Deadpool 2 proved to be massive hits that did justice to the Merc with the Mouth.

As successful and popular as the films have been, it cannot be understated how difficult a character Deadpool is to bring outside the comic book world. He has a lot of strange elements that define his character and would seemingly only work within the pages of a comic book. The film managed to stay true to the source material, but there were, of course, several changes that needed to be made. Here's what was changed from the comics and what stayed the same for the Deadpool movies.

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10 Different: His Past

deadpool 2 final trailer

As funny a character as Deadpool is, there's no denying he has a sense of tragedy about him. Like most tragic characters, it can all be traced back to his troubled childhood. At very times in the comics, Deadpool has reminisced about his upbringing and his complicated relationship with his parents. However, each time he tells the story it's very different. Much like the Joker in The Dark Knight, Deadpool is constantly rewriting his own origins.

The movie doesn't use that "unreliable narrator" aspect of Deadpool which is a shame. Perhaps in future movies, they will explore his past a little more and play with this idea of him lying to the audience and himself about where he comes from.

9 Same: His Powers

Aside from being an expert with various deadly weapons, Wade Wilson does have his very own mutant powers. Like Wolverine, he has the ability to heal and regenerate, which is the perfect power for this character.

Not only does it help with his deadly line of work, but the films have a lot of fun with how they depict this power. It allows Deadpool to be the victim to all kind of slapstick yet bloody violence. And they even give us a glimpse at the regeneration process, like the hilarious "baby legs" scene in Deadpool 2. There's something you'll never see Wolverine doing.

8 Different: Weapon X

Wade's powers have been fairly comic book accurate in the Deadpool films, but the way in which he gets his powers in slightly altered. In the comics, Wade is selected to be a part of the Weapon X program in an attempt to cure his cancer. There, he is experimented on and given some of Wolverine's DNA which grants him his powers but leaves him disfigured.

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The film follows this basic plot but does away with the Weapon X and Wolverine connections. Ironically, it is actually the much-maligned X-Men Origins: Wolverine version of Deadpool that keeps this origin intact. Of course, they then sew his mouth shut and give him laser eyes so let's not give them too much credit.

7 Different: Ajax

The villains in the first Deadpool film are actually derived from this origin story of the character, with some notable changes. In the comics, the experimentation and torture of Wade is done at the hands of Dr. Killebrew along with his henchman Ajax.

In the film, Ajax, played by Ed Skerin, is moved up to the main antagonist role. Combining the two roles might have been a mistake for the film as the character seems sort of jumbled and not believable as the mastermind of all this. But the film does keep the memorable part of Deadpool tormenting Ajax with his real name, Francis.

6 Same: X-Men

Deadpool in X-Men Jersey

After the abysmal attempt to bring the character to the big screen in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, it's no wonder the franchise decided to go solo after that. And while the character does work best when he's the star of his own story, the movie's maintained his very important connection to the X-Men.

Deadpool has often been an on-again-off-again member of the mutant team and one of its more controversial members. The movies embrace that relationship and have some great fun with X-Men characters, especially Colossus, as Deadpool's sensitive and tolerate friend.

5 Different: Copycat

Wade's relationship with Vanessa is at the heart of the Deadpool films (despite the controversial way the sequel handled the character), and it is a relationship lifted right out of the comics. As depicted in the film, Wade falls in love with Vanessa only to leave her when he finds out he has cancer in an attempt to spare her.

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However, the film ignores Vanessa's mutant persona, Copycat, from the comics. Copycat is a mutant and member of the Weapon X program with the ability to shapeshift. It's an interesting aspect of the character, but it's not something that is sorely missed in the films.

4 Same: Canadian

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

A defining aspect of Deadpool's character is the fact that he is a true and proud Canadian. Born in Regina, Saskatchewan, he often brings up his nationality and goes on frequent adventures in the Great White North.

While Deadpool's fellow mutant, Wolverine is also a Canadian, this isn't something the movies have focused on very much. However, the Deadpool films fully embrace his nationality with the appropriate pride. A lot of this could be due to the fact that star Ryan Reynolds is also Canadian. Hopefully, the sequels will allow Deadpool to return to his homeland to wreak some havoc.

3 Different: His Sexuality


Deadpool's sexuality is a very interesting aspect of the character that gets a lot of attention. The character in the comics is shown to take interest in both men and women, leading to a lot of speculation about his true orientation. The character's creators insist that he is a character that isn't defined in one way but is instead a pansexual.

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As much as Reynolds and the filmmakers agree with this assessment of the character in the past, we have yet to see that aspect of the character in the films. The movie's have shown a willingness to take chances so it would be great to see them sincerely explore the character in this way.

2 Same: Breaking The Fourth Wall

Certainly the most defining characteristic of Deadpool is his tendency to break the fourth wall. While this is not a new concept, the character does so in such inventive and clever ways that it actually adds a lot to his character. And of course, it provides some hilarious meta-comedy moments.

Thankfully, the movies were fully onboard with this weird aspect of his character leading to some of the funniest moments in the films. With Deadpool knowing he is in a superhero movie, he's able to provide biting commentary throughout without taking the audience out of the story. We can't wait to see what he'll have to say about working for Disney now.

1 Different: His Mental Illness

Deadpool's penchant for talking to the audience and being aware of his existence as a comic book character can provide some great fun for his stories. However, these characteristics have also help explore the darker side of the character. Various comics have explored Deadpool as a mentally unstable individual. He constantly hears voices in his head that may or may not actually be there. This can lead to fits of rage and violent outbursts.

The films are fun adventures, but it would be a great opportunity for such a large and popular franchise to touch on the subject of mental illness. To see a superhero grapple with these issues in a frank way could be extremely moving and compelling.

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