"Deadpool" Movie Adds Morena Baccarin In Lead Female Role

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Morena Baccarin has landed the female lead role in Fox's upcoming "Deadpool" feature film. The actress, seen most recently in a supporting role on the TV series "Gotham," will star alongside Ryan Reynolds.

The announcement reveals that Baccarin will play Deadpool's love interest and will try to deal with, as THR states, "falling for a man with a hideously scarred face." Baccarin was one of a number of actresses previously short-listed for the part; "Orange is the New Black" star Taylor Schilling was also reportedly up for the lead female role along with Jessica de Gouw ("Arrow"), Crystal Reed ("Teen Wolf"), Rebecca Rittenhouse ("Red Band Society") and Sarah Greene ("Vikings").

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Aside from being Deadpool's main squeeze, no other information has been revealed regarding Baccarin's character. Wade Wilson has racked up a lot of exes over his 25 years of existence, including X-Force member Siryn, shape-shifting mercenary Copycat (a years-old leaked script included that character as the female lead, according to Comic Book Movie) and the insane assassin known as Typhoid Mary. It's possible Baccarin could be playing a completely original character as well.

This is just the latest in a streak of "Deadpool" casting announcements. T.J. Miller and Ed Skrein joined the cast last month. Gina Carano signed on to play a character named Angel Dust just last week. While his character Colossus is expected to appear in the film, actor Daniel Cudmore revealed that he will not return as the character in the film. The role will instead be recast.

"Deadpool" opens on February 12, 2016.

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