Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #11

Story by
Art by
Bong Dazo, Leonardo Ito
Colors by
Matt Milla
Letters by
Jeff Eckleberry
Cover by
Marvel Comics

Zombie Ice Man is HUNGRY! And Zombie Firebird is feeling peckish too. Mmmmmmm. A Slice of Dr. Betty sounds good ... with a side of Bill, Agent of A.I.M. You really think Deadpool is gonna let that happen? Cue gratuitous violence. Following Headpool's half-baked plan to get back to the "normal" universe, Deadpool and pals must first fight their way through the hungry of hungries. Which of Deadpool's compatriots gets zombie-fied? Tune in to find out. Same Deadpool-time. Same Deadpool channel.

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