Marvel Celebrates Deadpool’s New Status as King of Monsters with New Website

Writer Kelly Thompson and artist Chris Bachalo are relaunching Deadpool, with the first issue in stores today. To celebrate the Merc With a Mouth's new status quo as the King of Monsters, Marvel launched a new Deadpool website for the series relaunch.

The header of the website welcomes you to the renamed Monster Staten Island, which sports the tagline, "Visit Staten Island (Now With Monsters) So Much Better Now." Breaking news messages alert the public to monsters staking legal claim over Staten Island, Deadpool being declared as the new Monster King, with one particular message calling out how it must suck to be human.

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Other hilarious items found on the site includes a call to ride the new monster ferry, the revelation that Bellus, the Lord Chamberlain of Monsters, designed the new Staten Island website, Deadpool defeating the previous Monster King, a public vote on what the new name of Staten Island should be, a monster roundtable with Night Wolf, Zrrgo Son of Orrgo the Unconquerable, Quonian, Bunn Bunn the Destroyer, Kholab the Pile, Chet Morita and Bellus, and much more.

Of course, there is also the promotion of Deadpool #1 while breaking the fourth wall.

Deadpool #1 by Kelly Thompson and Chris Bachalo is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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