Deadpool is Fully Armed, and Armored, With This New Play Arts Figure

The Merc With a Mouth gets a heavy-metal makeover with Marvel Universe Variant Play Arts Kai Deadpool figure.

The Square Enix line is famed for its sometimes-drastic reimaginings of familiar characters, from Batman to Harley Quinn to Venom. There's even a Batman/Two-Face mash-up.

Debuting in prototype form in July at Comic-Con International in San Diego, this version of Wade Wilson looks as if he might've gotten a little help from Tony Stark. Armored from head to toe, and armed to the teeth, Deadpool is ready for just about anything that might be thrown at him.

Standing 10.43 inches tall, the fully posable Variant Play Arts Kai Deadpool comes with three interchangeable heads, each conveying a different expression, 13 interchangeable hands, two swords, four knives of varying sizes, an oversized gun, and a display stand.

Available for preorder for $150, the Deadpool action figure is expected to ship at the end of May.

With great power comes great irresponsibility. Deadpool, based on Marvel Comics’ most unconventional anti-hero, descends upon us as a PLAY ARTS KAI action figure!

We have included three interchangeable head pieces featuring different facial expressions and a variety of interchangeable hands so that the collector can enjoy Deadpool’s comical and expressive character. With a wide range of motion, it is easy to recreate Deadpool’s dynamic nature. This figure’s possible poses range from mischievous gestures to powerful action stances.

Making sure our paintwork kept in line with the image of Deadpool portrayed in the film, we applied a deep red gradation on top of a more vivid metallic color. We also added some weathering effects to the armor, evoking the sharp contrast between Deadpool’s silly attitude and serious badassery.

Enjoy the true nature of Deadpool, in all his twisted and deranged glory.

(via Toyark)

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