Deadpool Gets an Appropriately R-Rated Recap Rap

If you missed Ryan Reynolds' riotously funny performance in "Deadpool" at the cinema, on Blu-ray or on any one of the various streaming services on which you can now watch it, or even if you didn't, The Warp Zone has your back with a "Recap Rap" for the year's breakout superhero film.

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Of course, the Fox blockbuster already had its own "Deadpool Rap," and this one is a total spoiler. However, it's virtually guaranteed to give anyone who watched the film the warm fuzzies. as it hits on all the cool moments that made "Deadpool" such an unexpected Valentine's Day success.

It's also an incredibly catchy ear-worm of a tune too. I mean, it's no Wham!, but it's still pretty cool.

Yeah, there are F-bombs aplenty, but really, you'd be disappointed if the recap didn't have the same kind of sass and self-awareness of the movie.

"Deadpool 2" might have just lost its director, but it could do a lot worse than feature this song to catch up audiences when the sequel eventually does hit theaters.

“Deadpool 2” is already in pre-production, with Reynolds due to return to his starring role. The film is targeted for release on Jan. 12, 2018.

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