'Deadpool' gets a new attitude in 2002

[Deadpool #65]For long time visitors of CBR you already know the following; In March, 2002 Marvel Comics' "Deadpool" gets an all new creative team. "Deadpool #65" features the debut of new series writer Gail Simone, familiar to CBR visitors as the author of her long-running "You'll All Be Sorry" column, with art from members of Udon. It's an exciting time for Marvel's "Merc-With-A-Mouth."

"My Deadpool starts off at the absolute peak of his game and profession," series writer Gail Simone told CBR News. "He becomes hugely popular and successful with his clients and is really riding a wave of good tidings.

"But that doesn't last.'

Without going into too much detail, Simone did share a bit of what fans can expect from her first issue of "Deadpool."

"In the first big story, Deadpool, being who he is, mightily offends a man known as the Black Swan, who feels that assassination is a gentleman's profession, and resents Deadpool's mockery of this fine art," said Simone. "I don't want to say much more, but from half a world away, he gets a gentleman's revenge...he only has one superpower, but it's a messy, ugly one, and he uses it on Deadpool."

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Art for the series will be provided by Alvin Lee of artists collective Udon. (For more on Udon, read our Comic Wire story from November 5th, 2001.) Of Lee's work Simone says simply "his stuff is (no hype here, I'm dead serious) astonishing. It won't look like anything else. I couldn't be happier."

"Alvin's style is perfect for 'Deadpool,' as his characters are more dynamic and sleek," Eric Ko, Chief of Operations for Udon told CBR News. "And Alvin has all of the other team members here to back him on inking, and coloring, making sure that the book will be one of the best packages we can offer to the readers!"

While some might suggest that work from Udon has a Manga influence, Ko is quick to point out that might not be the best way to describe their work.

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"To be honest, we would not want to be recognized only as Manga influenced," said Ko. "Udon has a variety of artists that handle multiple styles of artwork. 'Deadpool' is a mainstream Marvel title, so our take on the art will be one that would be acceptable for the audience. You can see that in the 'Iron Man' book (issue 48) that we did and the 'X-Men: Evolution' book has a totally different feel to it, because different projects call for different styles. But in all cases, we always try to push the quality a bit further.

"Our take on Deadpool will be something different, definitely going to be very super-yabbing-hero style, and I would not say that it is really a Manga influence."

Simone spoke radiantly of Udon's work on the title.

"What I like is that [Udon's] DP art (what's been done so far!) has bite," said Simone. "It's got depth. I honestly think people will love it. Everyone wants to slap the 'manga' label on everything these days, but this is just a very new look.

"I'm a convert to the Udon method, because what they achieve together is just wonderful. The storytellingis still there, but on top is this incredible eye candy."

"To start, we will be keeping him in the same red & black uniform that we are all familiar with," said Ko, "but you will see some detailing difference on his costume because we would like to add some little things to the character to make him more interesting. And I am sure you will love the new supporting cast that Deadpool is having! 'You'll all be sorry' for them as they are constantly around the 'Merc-with-a-mouth' and his problems."

Look for "Deadpool #65" from Simone and Udon in March, 2002, at your favorite comic book store.

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