Deadpool Fans Petition For Quentin Tarantino to Direct Sequel

Following the surprise departure of Tim Miller from "Deadpool 2," Fox executives are undoubtedly scrambling to find a new director who can strike the right tone for the Merc With a Mouth. However, hundreds of fans think they've already found the perfect replacement: Quentin Tarantino.

A petition launched Sunday on Change.org calling for the filmmaker behind "Pulp Fiction," "Kill Bill" and "The Hateful Eight" to not only direct but also write the "Deadpool" sequel.

"If there was ever a chance to see Tarantino do a project almost guaranteed to make a billion dollars, this is it," writes the petition's creator, Carl Champion Jr. "We got a great taste of what this could be like in 'Kill Bill,' but imagine having a guy like Tarantino write dialogue for The Merc with the Mouth! It would be so glorious."

As of this afternoon, nearly 950 people have agreed with him.

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Miller reportedly dropped out of "Deadpool 2" on Friday, following creative differences with star Ryan Reynolds. Co-founder of the visual effects company Blur Studio, Miller was instrumental in convincing Fox to greenlight what was considered a risky film, which went on to earn $782.6 million worldwide.

It's been suggested that the relationship between Miller and Reynolds had grown "contentious," with the two disagreeing about the correct approach to the sequel and the casting of Cable.

In an update to his petition, Champion acknowledged that differences would likely also arise between Reynolds and "the creative force" Tarantino, adding, "but I do believe that if Reynolds and Tarantino sat down and discussed their ideas for this sequel, they would love what each other had to say."

"Another concern that I have heard about this is QT's penchant for longer movies (I'd love a longer 'Deadpool'), and his blending of genres might get in the way," he wrote. "I don't agree. Consider this, the best superhero movies we've seen recently have blended genres beautifully, and in many ways it is exactly what made them so great. Think of 'The Dark Knight,' a crime drama dressed as a superhero movie. Think of 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier,' a spy-thriller dressed as a superhero movie, and just to cite one more example look at what Marvel is doing on Netflix. 'Jessica Jones' is basically a noir movie and 'Luke Cage' is a blaxploitation movie, both wildly popular.

"Quentin Tarantino is the master of dialogue, and Ryan Reynolds is a master of delivering dialogue," he concluded. "Tarantino makes ultra-violent movies where you love the characters, with horrible language, sexy women, and a villain you will NEVER forget."

While it's unlikely Tarantino would be interested in directing the "Deadpool" sequel, he once toyed with the idea of a superhero movie: He revealed last year that he briefly considered making a Luke Cage film as a follow-up to "Reservoir Dogs," but ultimately decided on "Pulp Fiction."

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