Deadpool Defends Marvel's Funniest Heroes In "Too Soon?" Infinite Comic

Marvel Comics has announced the release of an all-new, digital-first Deadpool Infinite Comic -- "Deadpool: Too Soon?" The series comes from writer, novelist and playwright Joshua Corin with art from Todd Nauck ("Nightcrawler").

The series will revolve around the murder of Forbush Man, the hero from Marvel's satire comic "Not Brand Echh." Worried that someone is targeting the MU's funniest characters for death, Deadpool gathers a killer line-up of witty heroes together in a spooky mansion to try to solve the mystery. The series will also star quipsters Squirrel Girl, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Ant-Man, Howard the Duck -- and the generally less-than-hilarious Punisher

Marvel's Infinite Comics are comics specifically designed for the tablet or device reading experience, with the storytelling coming to life via transition animations with the swipe of a finger on a screen. Previous Infinite comics include "X-Men '92" as well as "Deadpool & Cable: Split Second."

The first part of "Deadpool: Too Soon?," the latest in Marvel's line of Infinite Comics, will be available for purchase on digital devices on July 6.

Official press release

DEADPOOL: TOO SOON? #1 - The Newest Marvel Infinite Comic On Sale Next Week!New York, NY-June, 30th, 2016 - It's the Deadpool team-up you've all been waiting for! The Merc With a Mouth joins forces with the likes of Squirrel Girl, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Ant-Man, Howard the Duck and the Punisher to solve a murder most foul in DEADPOOL: TOO SOON? #1 - the newest Marvel Infinite Comic coming to digital devices everywhere on July 6th! Marvel newcomer Joshua Corin joins artist Todd Nauck for a tale mystery & mayhem in the mighty Marvel manner!Someone has murdered the Forbush Man! Could someone be targeting some of the Marvel Universe's funniest heroes for death? That's certainly what Deadpool thinks - and he's gathered a number of characters in a spooky old mansion (naturally) to help crack the case. Good thing Deadpool is known for his world renowned investigative skills! But as more bodies start turning up, can these heroes solve the mystery before their goose is cooked?Specifically designed and optimized for digital devices, DEADPOOL: TOO SOON? joins the ranks of other Marvel Infinite Comics such as X-Men '92, Deadpool & Cable: Split Second and many more. Utilizing the latest technologies to create dynamic new storytelling possibilities - Marvel Infinite Comics push the boundaries of what's possible with digital comics. Never experienced a Marvel Infinite Comic? Now's the perfect time to jump in! Don't miss DEADPOOL: TOO SOON? #1 - on-sale next Wednesday, July 6th! !DEADPOOL: TOO SOON? #1Written by JOSHUA CORINArt by TODD NAUCKCover by PEPE LARRAZOn Sale July 6th!

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