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Both of these contract-killers aren't shy about carrying a heavy amount of artillery with them at all times. Deadpool prefers the fanny pack life, whereas Deathstroke likes everything strapped tightly to his body. There are three major differences between their gear.

One, Deadpool sometimes has a teleportation device. He doesn't always keep one handy, though.

Two, Deathstroke has superior

swords. Deadpool may be good with his katanas but Deathstroke has had the God Killer (New 52) and most recently went back to his Promethium sword. Promethium is one of the more powerful elements in the DC Universe, so it's hard to imagine Deadpool's katanas holding up against it. Lord knows Wolverine has tuned up of Deadpool's swords often enough.

Lastly, and probably most important in this part of the discussion, their suits. Deadpool has a full-fledged tactical suit. That doesn't hold up well when compared to Deathstroke's Ikon Suit, which he was given at the start of DC's Rebirth. Powered with a defense system and a gravity sheath, Deadpool would have a tough time getting through this armor.

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