Deadpool Vs. Deathstroke: Which Merc Would Win?

Deadpool has had his fair share of 1-on-1 battles through the years, most recently dealing with Black Panther. But there's one character he's ducked since he burst on the scene in 1991: Deathstroke. The time has finally come for the Merc with a Mouth to meet his maker. That's not a joke. Deadpool was inspired by Deathstroke, who came out in 1980—though Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld says they are not one and the same.

Who wouldn't love to see one of DC Comics' most ruthless killers take on, well, one of Marvel's most ruthless killers?

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Marvel and DC probably don't have intentions to have them duke it out in the comics anytime soon, let alone on-screen. That's alright because we've got you covered. Here's the detailed answer to the long unanswered question: Who would win, Deadpool or Deathstroke?

10 Maddening unpredictability

If there's one thing Deadpool is, it's unpredictable. Even the greatest telepaths in the world can't begin to dig into Wade Wilson's jumbled up mind. It's also proven helpful when fighting Taskmaster, who is able to mimic the fighting style of anyone he faces.

Deadpool's inconsistency makes him hard for anyone to gameplan against. This could pose a problem for someone who prefers to use a calculated approach like Deathstroke.

9 Premier assassin gear

Both of these contract-killers aren't shy about carrying a heavy amount of artillery with them at all times. Deadpool prefers the fanny pack life, whereas Deathstroke likes everything strapped tightly to his body. There are three major differences between their gear.

One, Deadpool sometimes has a teleportation device. He doesn't always keep one handy, though.

Two, Deathstroke has superior swords. Deadpool may be good with his katanas but Deathstroke has had the God Killer (New 52) and most recently went back to his Promethium sword. Promethium is one of the more powerful elements in the DC Universe, so it's hard to imagine Deadpool's katanas holding up against it. Lord knows Wolverine has tuned up of Deadpool's swords often enough.

Lastly, and probably most important in this part of the discussion, their suits. Deadpool has a full-fledged tactical suit. That doesn't hold up well when compared to Deathstroke's Ikon Suit, which he was given at the start of DC's Rebirth. Powered with a defense system and a gravity sheath, Deadpool would have a tough time getting through this armor.

8 Deadpool has beaten...

deadpool kills marvel

Deadpool has done something few can brag about. He's killed the entire Marvel Universe. Actually, he's done it twice.

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Now, that's a long list of impressive foes. The Hulk, Wolverine and Doctor Doom and many other powerful beings. He's, of course, committed the murders on his own, though he was brainwashed the second time around. And in the first instance, he thought he was doing everyone a favor by killing them.

7 Deathstroke has defeated...

Deathstroke Batman

The biggest win for Deathstroke has to be taking on Batman and winning. Though he's never killed Bruce Wayne, it's not due to lack of skill or preparation. It's his choice. He's also defeated Dick Grayson and the Titans, as well as The Flash.

Most important of all, in an old crossover even with Marvel, Deathstroke managed to take down the X-Men. Maybe he could do the same to the rest of the Marvel Universe if given the chance.

6 The emotional Wilson

One distinct difference between Slade Wilson and Wade Wilson: the latter actually cares about people. That's led to some pretty significant lapses in judgment in his time. For instance, Deadpool killed the entire Marvel Universe because he knows none of what he and the other characters do is actually happening. It's all fiction and scripted, so he wanted to put everyone out of their misery. Not exactly a good reason to kill people you consider friends.

He can also get overly upset over the slightest things. For example, he killed someone who said they preferred the Star Wars prequels to the originals. And he also hunted someone down for spoiling Harry Potter. Now, these examples have all led to Deadpool effectively killing other people. However, if Deathstroke plans properly, which he usually does, then he would find a wait to exploit this major weakness.

5 Metahuman strength and healing

Deathstroke has accelerated healing that's worth noting, but it's not what's going to separate him from Deadpool when these two battle. His advanced strength and reflexes combined with his superior sword and swordsmanship make him the tougher opponent in hand-to-hand combat, despite Deadpool's advanced martial arts capabilities.

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Since they both love their swords so much, there's a good chance that's where the fight will be decided.

4 Mutant accelerating healing

Hate Deadpool Healing

Deadpool's healing factor is far and away his greatest strength in the course of this fight. That's both a good thing and a bad thing. Obviously, it's good because it makes him harder to kill. His regenerating ability is even greater than Wolverine's.

However, it also makes Deadpool careless with his fighting style. Who wouldn't be careless in a fight if they knew every cut would heal up in an instant? Also, Deadpool has been turned immortal in the past by Thanos, but he has died since then, as well (See: Deadpool #250). So that's not exactly a rocksteady platform to stand on.

3 Superior intellect

2 Deathstroke and Teen Titans

The battle of wits goes to Deathstroke in a landslide, though there are plenty out there smarter than Wade Wilson. But Deathstroke isn't just smarter than Deadpool.

Consider this, Deathstroke is stronger than Batman but nowhere near stronger than Superman. That should make him very beatable for Batman. Yet, Deathstroke has won against Batman on more than one occasion. This is becasue Slade Wilson is one of the best tacticians in the DC Universe and doesn't have emotions or morals that hold him back.

2 Deadpool's not always in it to win it

Deadpool has tried to kill himself more than once. It's happened in the comics, though some of his most notable attempts came in Deadpool 2, when he blew himself up, then took a bullet for his pal Firefist while wearing a mutant inhibitor collar.

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Depending on where Deadpool is in his life, this could play a role.

1 The winner is...

As much as Deadpool might be the more popular of the two, this is a battle of skill, not fame.

Once Deathstroke gets his hands on a mutant inhibitor collar and straps it on Deadpool, it's all a matter of skill and planning—which is where Slade Wilson reigns supreme.

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