Deadpool Crashes New Google Ad

Google's latest promotional spot for Google Assistant has gotten some superhero flair courtesy of Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool.

The commercial places the artificial intelligence helper into different situations from some of history's most famous movies. Deadpool's appearance sees him being reminded that he has to appear in a Google commercial before stating, "That's never going to happen." The video is taken from the first film's post-credits, which features the Merc with a Mouth in his pyjamas.

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Some other scenes include 2001: A Space Odyssey's David Bowman using Google Assistant to bypass Hal, Scream's Drew Barrymore using the program to see where the masked killer is, The Hangover's Ed Helms recalling everything from their disastrous night thanks to pictures being backed up on his Pixel 3 phone and Lady Bird's Saoirse Ronan using the Lyft app in order to call for a ride before she jumps out of her mom's car.

This spot is the latest plugging the virtual assistant program, which can be used to issue commands to all Google-compatible devices, such as the Google Home Hub and Google Home Mini. It's basically Google's version of Alexa and Siri, and the brand has been using Hollywood movies to promote it recently. Late last year, there was the Home Alone spot focusing on Macaulay Culkin's Kevin that recreated some of the film's most iconic scenes, as well as a nostalgic trip with Joe Pesci, one of the franchise's "Sticky Bandits."

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