15 Hilariously Dank Deadpool And Cable Memes

Deadpool is ready to make his triumphant return to the big screen in May and he's bringing his best friend Cable with him. Wade Wilson and Nathaniel Summers have been through quite a lot over their comic book histories, but they have never appeared together in a movie. Now that the two are finally set to meet in Deadpool 2, fans of both characters have been posting memes celebrating one of the best bromances in comics. The Merc with a Mouth and Soldier X may not have much in common, but these two X-Men have a deep love for one another and don't hesitate to put themselves in harms way if it means saving their buddy.

Hardcore and casual fans of both Deadpool and Cable will have no problem deciphering these memes, but hopefully they'll still get a kick out of them. Whether the images are mocking these unique mutants or praising their fighting abilities, one thing still stands, Deadpool and Cable will be stuck together for a long time. Even if Deadpool 2 doesn't match the first film's success, a whole new group of individuals are set to fall in love with this iconic duo. Come chuckle at these 15 hilarious Deadpool and Cable memes!


Thanos, the bad guy in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, has been waiting for his moment in the spotlight for a while. Introduced in The Avengers' post-credits sequence, Thanos has been searching for the Infinity Stones and stalling for the right moment to strike at the Earth and its defenders. To keep his presence in the film a secret, the team at Marvel listed him as Man #1 in the credits and cast a relatively unknown stuntman named Damion Poitier in the position.

Since then, the character has been more firmly established and introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Starting with 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy, Josh Brolin has been lending his movements and voice to the Mad Titan. Each of his appearances so far are very brief, meaning Brolin had to wait a long time to really sink his teeth into the character with the filming of Infinity War.


Three years after Toy Story hit theaters in 1995, director Joe Dante made a live-action movie about toys that come alive. Starring Kirsten Dunst and David Cross, Small Soldiers didn't make much of an impact or generate enough revenue to make a sequel feasible. The movie, which follows a war between two different toy factions, has a group of characters called the Commando Elite. The leader of the Elite squad is a toy who looks extremely similar to Cable.

Due to the movie's shoddy special effects, Small Soldiers is often mocked for how cheesy the toy characters look. While the Commando may come across as silly, Josh Brolin's take on Cable looks like a real-life, dangerous version of the character. Use this meme as a lesson and remember to not mock anyone, because you never know who will bulk up when they get older.


In comic books, heroes seem to magically find one another instead of contact each other to ask for help. Part of Deadpool's charm is his ability to break the fourth wall and understand that he lives inside a comic book. With that said, Wade Wilson knows that he needs to hit his friends up whenever he wants to see them. Unfortunately, just because he hits Cable up, doesn't mean the two of them will be able to get together.

Similarly, Deadpool has no problem talking trash about his best friend. Out of the two of them, Wilson clearly thinks he is the cool one in their relationship. Cable may be cool, but his father is Cyclops, the original leader of the X-Men, and his grandfather is Corsair, a space pirate, so Nathaniel is still the dud of his family and his best buddy has no problem reminding him of that.


While Josh Brolin's costume certainly looks awesome, some Cable fans still remember the casting process fondly. Everyone from Avatar's Stephen Long to Stranger Things' David Harbour were put into fancasts after he was announced to make his big screen debut in Deadpool 2. Perhaps more than anyone though, Hellboy himself, Ron Perlman, set the fan community's minds racing.

More than just being a fan favorite for the part, Perlman himself actively petitioned to play the character, resulting in a huge amount of fan art with him as the character. Brolin will probably knock the role out of the park, but some people will always wonder just what Perlman's take on the character could have been and whether he would have been a better fit for the futuristic mutant.


Cable was created in the middle of the '90s comic book boom. As a result of that, he was a product of the hot trends at the time, which included big muscles and huge guns. With that in mind, Cable could have been depicted on the big screen as comically huge to poke fun of the excess in '90s comics, but the creative team cleverly chose to reign things in a bit. Josh Brolin's version of the character is still quite buff, certainly bigger than Ryan Reynolds, but he looks serious and in good shape instead of jacked on steroids.

Since Deadpool is such a meta character, hopefully, he gives moviegoers his real opinion on the big screen version of the character and makes some kind of comment about the ultra-muscular depiction of Cable in the comics.


Cable is from a future universe where mutants are hunted down and exterminated. In order to save his timeline, he travels back to stop the creation of Sentinels and rally mutant support to save their brethren. The son of Cyclops and Jean Grey (errr...sort of) , Nathaniel Summers inherited some of his mother's telekinetic abilities and has a cybernetic enhancement in one of his eyes that gives him a reddish glow just like his father. Unlike both of them, Cable is also a skilled marksman and an incredibly capable hand-to-hand fighter. Since Cable is used to constantly fighting to survive, he's always depicted as incredibly muscular, but neither of his parents were in similar conditions.

In the current X-Men universe, Cyclops is played by 21-year-old Tye Sheridan while Josh Brolin is 40. Hopefully, Deadpool 2 cracks a few jokes about the awkward timeline and maybe even puts the two Summers together with a surprise Cyclops cameo.


On Josh Brolin's 40th birthday, Ryan Reynolds tweeted out a photo of Deadpool painting Cable with him standing as a model in the background. On the canvas, instead of painting Cable, Reynolds painted Brolin's character from the Goonies when the actor was just a teenager.

This version of the image is a meta twist on the original post. A lot of Deadpool's viral marketing includes directly commenting on real things, including live-tweeting the superbowl this year, and it makes sense that the character would make fun of both Black Panther and Batman. Ryan Reynolds sent a tweet out signaling how much he loved Black Panther, and it seems the Merc with a Mouth may be a fan as well. It seems Deadpool believes the slick action and seemingly invulnerable hero in Marvel's newest feature puts Batfleck to shame.


Josh Brolin and Ryan Reynolds are relatively the same size, but don't let that trick you into thinking Deadpool is as strong as Cable. As silly as it is, this set picture may be a more comic book accurate depiction of how much bigger Cable is than Deadpool. When creator Rob Liefield first started drawing the two characters together, Cable sometimes appeared two times wider than his mercenary partner.

While this picture is clearly a joke with a young fan, it may hint at how much more physically inclined Cable will be represented than Deadpool in the movie. With rumors pointing to an eventual X-Force movie coming out of Fox, Deadpool and Cable may be subtly competing throughout Deadpool 2 to see who will be a better leader for the darker mutant team.


Ryan Reynolds struck gold with the Deadpool series. His first time playing the character didn't go so well in Wolverine: Origins, but he was fortunate enough to stick around and guide a more comic book accurate version to the screen. Since Deadpool was such a success and it treated the comic books as true reference material, it makes sense the character's better half would make an appearance in the future.

Deadpool is a fun character on his own, but he's at his best when his goofball antics are contrasted by Cable's aggressive, hard personality. Deadpool is a skilled marksman, but his abilities pale in comparison to his time-traveling partner. Instead of carrying a sword like Wade Wilson does, Cable constantly has a massive gun strapped to his back.


While Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead appeared as token X-Men in Deadpool, Cable's presence in the upcoming sequel makes perfect sense. Despite the fact that the two characters have extremely different personalities, they are actually best friends who would do anything to defend one another. The two have served on various mutant teams together and have learned to trust and rely on each other during battle.

Over time, their friendship has blossomed into a loving bromance and the duo even starred in their own monthly series that lasted for 50 issues. There may be a lot of iconic partnerships in comics, just look at Batman and Superman, but they don't share the same level of guy love for one another that Deadpool and Cable do.


One of the strangest places on the internet, 4Chan is a collection of threads that touch on extremely random, sometimes extremely inappropriate topics. Odds are, Deadpool would enjoy the website and find some joy from scrolling through the perplexing forums. Some superheroes scream something heroic like whenever they hit the scene, but Deadpool's catchphrase is simply "Chimichanga," a comment that fits in much better with the internet community than "Up, Up and Away."

While Wade Wilson may be a skilled fighter and marksman, the main reason he survives all of his missions is his ability to heal and regenerate himself. No wound is too major for Wilson because he can grow new appendages and organs whenever the situation calls for it. Deadpool is more than the merc with a mouth, he's a living meme and he belongs on 4Chan.


One of the worst things to come out of the success of the superhero genre, especially the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is the large number of nit-picky fans who look down on people with less comic book knowledge than them. Luckily, meme culture has plenty of options to mock people who act self-righteously for knowing more things about pop culture.

Due to various stories that altered the X-Men's timeline, Cable has somewhat of a convoluted backstory. As if the core version of the character's history wasn't hard enough to follow, Jeph Loeb introduced an alternate dimension Nathaniel Grey in 1995. While Cable's powers were dampened by a technological virus, this version of the character was never impacted by that virus and eventually grows into X-Man, the most powerful mutant in the world.


Some characters may inadvertently do goofy things while on their adventures, but Deadpool himself is a goofy thing. He's essentially a walking parody of the entire comic book industry and he even makes fun of different characters to their faces. This list has already referenced Deadpool as the 4Chan of the superhero community, so it makes sense that someone took it a step further and called the Merc with a Mouth a meme in his own right.

He may be goofy, but he's also extremely aggressive and quick to anger. So, if anyone in Deadpool 2 thinks approaching the character and telling him they find him comedic is a good idea, they may want to rethink their actions because they could end up with a big gun in their face.


This may be a panel ripped right out of Marvel Comics, but it still feels like a meme. In this packed image, fans can quickly pick out the core component of Cable and Deadpool's relationship: loving animosity. The duo may come out on top at the end of most of their missions, but that doesn't mean Deadpool makes things easy for his partner.

After spending so much time together, and watching him do countless silly things, Cable already knows that his best friend is insane. It's clear that Cable, who's a calm guy until something sets him off, is just frustrated and lashing out at his friend. Fortunately, Deadpool clearly isn't offended by the comment and has no problem admitting that he has a few screws loose.


Deadpool is more meta than any other comic book character. Since he knows he's a comic book character, or sometimes in a movie, he can comment on his surroundings and how cliche the missions he goes on are. Deadpool also breaks the fourth wall a lot, often talking to the audience directly whenever situations get difficult for him. As a treat for reading this whole meme list, the merc with a mouth just wanted to let you know that you're awesome!

Part of what makes this meme so great is the fact that it's hard to guess exactly what Deadpool will say on the bottom. Sometimes he is sweet, as seen here, but sometimes he is mean or just plain nonsensical. Whoever made the meme could have just ended it with the word "chimichanga" and it would have made just as much sense, but he wanted to tell you to have a good day instead.

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