Wade's Anatomy: 15 Things You Never Knew About Deadpool's Body

Wade Wilson is a man of many sides. He's been through it all, and has seen his fair share of bloodshed along the way... usually his own. He's been on the receiving end of the most gruesome acts, and he's also been one to gladly reciprocate. He is often depicted as a joke, but there is also some depth to him, although that is often overshadowed by his propensity to eat all the chimichangas he can, and break the fourth wall to address the readers directly. The 2016 film, Deadpool, was able to perfectly capture all sides of Deadpool, and the sequel looks set to follow suit.

With two live action movies that have contributed to elevate the character to A-list status, some people might not know all that he's been through in his long career as a mercenary (and occasional superhero) ever since his first appearance in 1991. Soldier, experiment, assassin, time-traveler, X-Man? The regeneratin' degenerate's been through a lot, yet he still has his wits about him. (Okay, not really. That couldn't be further from the truth. He crazy.) Truth is, there are many things you might not know about Wade Wilson. Today, CBR focuses solely on the miraculous (or is it horrifying?) body of Deadpool to list 15 things you never knew!


Who needs a head? We'll everyone... mostly. There isn't much that can stop Deadpool. Not a bomb, not a blade, not a hail of bullets, and certainly not a resurrected Abraham Lincoln. Wade Wilson's trademark superpower is an accelerated healing factor that can fix all of his wounds. It's a power made famous by Wolverine, but considering that Deadpool is so much better than Wolverine in every single way (we know you're reading this Wade), his is even stronger.

This means that even if his head is cut off, Deadpool can still survive. Yes, you can engage in a conversation with Deadpool's head. You can even carry it around if you want, or use it for soccer ball practice – although he might not be too fond of that. His head only has to be reunited with his body, where it will re-attach itself, and he will be made whole again.


It might come as a surprise to some, but Wade is actually a bit of a ladies man. He's had a few special women in his life, but there is a special one he eventually married: Shiklah, a monstrous succubus demon who just happened to be the queen of the underworld and the undead. As a magical creature, Shiklah has many powers, not least of which is to suck the literal life force out of someone through a kiss.

She did just that to Deadpool when she met him, but thanks to his nifty healing factor, Wade survived the ordeal. Of course, he also asked for so much more. The two quickly fell in love and before you could say “Blind Al's despicable pal,” the two walked down the aisle together. They consummated their marriage, a whole lot, and Deadpool was always able to come back for seconds. And thirds.


The Deadpool movie took a bit of liberty when it came to Deadpool's origin. Although the broad strokes were all touched upon, there was a noticeable difference from the comics. In the film, Ajax, aka Francis, aka Guy Who Gets Impaled, tortured Wade relentlessly as part of a very special program. His goal was to trigger a dormant X-gene inside of Wilson's DNA -- something that, eventually, worked.

However, in the comic books, Wade Wilson wasn't technically a mutant. In fact, Departmen K, aka Weapon X, aka Evil Jerks, implanted the healing factor into his body. The serum was derived from Wolverine's own genetic material (ew) and it took on a life of its own inside Wade Wilson (not Inside the Actors Studio). This healing factor would grow unstable, but would finally cement after a series of traumas.


It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... oh my God no look away! A powerful healing factor isn't the only special ability Deadpool has in his pouch-filled arsenal. He also has superhuman strength and speed, something which allows him to dodge out of the way of bullets fired at him. And there are a lot of bullets fired at him. His speed is such that he can also deflect these pesky little pellets of lead with a strike of his swords.

Don't believe us? Then rewatch the opening scene of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and you will see the fabulous Ryan Reynolds do just that. What's that? You'd rather watch the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy than to watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine again? Well then, there's always YouTube. Or, if all else fails, comic books, where Deadpool performs these feats on the regular.


Ever have your heart removed from your chest cavity and live to tell the tale? Well, Wade Wilson sure has. He calls that a Wednesday. Back when he was still only known as Wade Wilson and subject to terrible experiments at the hands of Ajax, Wade was left for dead after his torturer ripped his heart out. But Wade had been through a lot already – a failing healing factor, cancer, and he had just lost his only friend Worm, whom Ajax had killed.

Fueled by hatred and vengeance, Wade's healing factor locked into place, and a new heart grew inside his body, beating him back to life. And thus, Deadpool was born. This speaks to the strength of his healing factor, and the anger that drives him. Now, we know that Deadpool can make his Valentine's Day extra special, by handing out his literal heart out, with a smile.


What make's a Deadpool? Apparently, spare parts is more than enough. Since Deadpool has never been one to shy away from a gun fight, sword fight or any kind of fight, really, he has lost many limbs along the way. Luckily, these limbs grew back thanks to his miraculous healing factor. (Remember Wade's baby hand in the Deadpool movie? Yeah.) Well, in the comic books, a psychiatrist by the name of Ella Whitby grew obsessed with Deadpool.

She proceeded to collect all of the spare parts Deadpool had lost along the way -- hands, feet, etc. -- and kept them locked away in a freezer. Once these parts eventually thawed, the healing factor inside of them activated, and fused all of these body parts together to create a new version of Deadpool called Evil Deadpool. Grossed out yet?


Deadpool's healing factor is as strong as they come. We know this because Deadpool is the strongest and best character ever to exist. As previously mentioned, this healing factor was derived from Wolverine, whom we know has been alive for a very, very long time. The man with the razor-sharp claws saw the birth of industrialism and, well, Wade Wilson saw the birth of Tinder. Apples to apples.

But since we know that Logan has been alive for a very long time, and will go on to live longer still as Old Man Logan, then the same will happen to Deadpool. In fact, in the X-Force/Cable: Messiah War one-shot, the X-Force team time-traveled to the future, where they met with an 800-year old Deadpool. He still looked as terrible as ever, but he was now the self-proclaimed Emperor of North America. Lose some, win some.


Okay, you can start by trying to scrub your brain to remove the mental image of Deadpool's flexible tongue. We are talking about strict academic things here. Wade Wilson may be an assassin, an unreliable X-Man and one of the most hated people in the Marvel Universe, but he is still smart. Well, sort of. He's crazy, sure. But he is also able to speak many languages other than English.

In fact, Deadpool's bloody travels have led him to all corners of the Earth, and he has demonstrated that the language barrier is just as imaginary as the fourth wall. He can easily speak German, Spanish and Japanese. On top of that, he also knows sign language, which is impressive. He might be hearing voices, but those voices don't have to be strictly English.


Who doesn't want to look like Tom Cruise? No one, that's who. We're willing to bet that even People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive 2010 and all-around dreamboat Ryan Reynolds would much prefer to see Tom Cruise when he looks into the mirror. Such an honor once befell Wade Wilson in Deadpool #37 when the horn-helmeted trickster god Loki pretended to be Wade's father and cursed him to look like the famous Top Gun actor.

Loki's magic was so strong, Deadpool's smashing face couldn't be scratched. But Wade didn't feel like himself anymore, so he buried his face in a deep-fryer. When that didn't work, he let a tiger scratch his face off, let a train speed over his head, face-hugged uranium -- nothing worked. The only thing that would eventually work, was reconciling with his real father (not Loki, who's got a few father issues of his own).


Madcap is a Marvel villain whose healing factor (and brand of crazy,a s his name implies) matches Deadpool's. When the two eventually met, they found that they were almost two peas in a pod, and they had no idea how much this metaphor would turn out to be true. Madcap, who also has the ability to make people turn crazy, found that he wasn't able to affect Deadpool. Naturally, this led to an altercation.

The fight would come to involve both Daredevil and Thor, where the latter used his godly lightning to burn both Deadpool and Madcap to ashes. Both of their healing factors kicked in, mixing one into the other. Wade regained his body, but Madcap now lived inside of him in the form of white caption boxes that, surprise, had been a part of Deadpool's adventures for a while.


We hear your concerns. Deadpool can regrow his heart. He can re-attach his head. He can live to upwards of 800 years old. So how will the world ever be rid of him? It's a valid concern. As far as everyone is concerned, Wade Wilson is nothing short of immortal. But, he has died a few times before. For real. Once, when existence was erased. But that's not really fair. You can't punch existence. (Wait, can you?)

Another instance where Deadpool died was at Thanos' hand. You see, Thanos and Deadpool surprisingly have some things in common, and it's not their dashing complexion. Both have a special relationship with the living embodiment of Death. When their special love came between them, Thanos didn't hesitate to squash Deadpool like a bug. But, when Death went missing, the Mad Titan had no choice but to bring Wade back. Sad face.


Although his skin's quality is that of a meat bar on a hot summer's day, Deadpool actually keeps his body in peak physical condition. Not only is he faster and stronger than your average Cyclops, he also has super-human stamina. What does that mean exactly? It means that he has powerful endurance when pressing his body in tense situations, and that it takes a very long time for him to tire himself out.

Do you see where we're going with this yet? Yes, Deadpool can fight an army of beekeeper-outfit wearing A.I.M. soldiers and yes, he can give Captain America a run for his money, but that also means that he can be quite the satisfying partner when the lights are off, if you know what we mean. Merc' in the streets, Herc' in the sheets.


One of life's purest joys after a long day of assassinating is sitting back on your favorite recliner and drown your sorrows and misery down a bottle of your favorite dark spirit. But if you're like Deadpool, you just might discover that getting hammered is really, really difficult. In fact, because of Wade's accelerated healing abilities, his body can't become tipsy fast enough.

And it's not just the hooch. It's all toxins, which we suppose can come in handy when so many people want you dead. But moderation is always key. Or, in Deadpool's case, the opposite. Large doses of tranquilizers can put him down for a while, which means that heavy consumption can lead to him getting wastey-waste – and have a nasty hangover that leaves him feeling worse than he looks.


After the Secret Invasion of Skrulls, Deadpool took an odd job for Colonel Zeke, a trustworthy source that turned out to be not trustworthy at all. His mission was to rescue Zeke's wife from the grasp of the evil Doctor Lovosno, who had found a way to make humans stay young and beautiful forever – something that Wade is all too familiar with (especially the beautiful part).

The only caveat to achieve this form of immortality was to eat human flesh, effectively turning the doctor's subjects into something akin to zombies. With a limited food supply (people notice when humans start disappearing), Zeke sent Deadpool, with his unique healing factor, as an eternal food supply for the doctor and his patients. Upon eating him however, the zombies agreed that Deadpool tasted terrible. Somehow, we could have guessed that.


Yes, Deadpool's body is grotesque to look at. He is despicable and irredeemable, a foul presence whose only purpose is to spill blood. He has an odd sense of humor, and he's completely off his rocker. He's not a good friend, a terrible husband and an even worse superhero. But, there is something he is actually (kind of) good at, other than killing people in gruesomely imaginative ways -- being a father.

Yes, Wade is father to a young daughter by the name of Eleanor Camacho, whom he didn't know about until after she was born. Although he's not the best role model, he can make great sacrifices for Ellie. After all he has been through, somehow, Deadpool is still capable of love. It's true for his daughter, and it's true for his many, many ex-wives. One thing we know, more than anything: he definitely has more heart than Wolverine.

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