"Deadpool" Banned In Uzbekistan Over "Ethical" Concerns

The list of countries prohibiting the release of "Deadpool" has increased by one. As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, theater operators in Uzbekistan have decided to not screen the R-rated "Deadpool."

A spokesman for MegaCinema, a movie theater located in Uzbekistan's capital city Tashkent, released a statement saying, "We won't screen Deadpool as it has an age restriction and is not in line with ethical norms in our society." THR notes that theaters had the final say in whether or not "Deadpool" would light up their screens.

The news follows China's decision in January to ban the film from release. The report regarding China's decision stated that the country's censors tried to work with Fox on a cut of the film that would remove the objectionable material, but doing so would create too many plot problems.

Despite being banned in two countries, "Deadpool" has already grossed $12 million overseas. It also broke the domestic preview night box office record for an R-rated film; "Deadpool" earned $12.7M at 2,975 theaters Thursday night, beating previous record holder "Hangover 2," which grossed $10.4M from midnight shows in 2011.

"Deadpool" is in theaters (in most countries) now.

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