Liefeld's Deadpool: Bad Blood OGN Drops New Preview Art

As the release of Rob Liefeld's "Deadpool: Bad Blood" draws ever closer, Marvel Comics dropped new preview art to tease the graphic novel's May debut. This new look at the OGN not only introduces Thumper, a new foe who will stand opposite Deadpool, but also Liefeld's return to Marvel.

Liefeld isn't alone in this venture. Chris Sims and Chad Bowers, perhaps best known for their work on "X-Men '92," will join him on writing duties. The art, on the other hand, is handled by Liefeld alone.

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According to the OGN's snyopsis,

DEADPOOL: BAD BLOOD OGN (DEC161086)Written by ROB LIEFELD, CHRIS SIMS & CHAD BOWERSArt & Cover by ROB LIEFELDISBN: 978-1-302-90153-0FOC – 03/06/17, On-Sale – 05/17/17

Shooting, stabbing and otherwise annoying his way across the Marvel Universe has made Deadpool his fair share of enemies over the years. Even though his sordid past contains no shortage of unfriendly faces, there is one he can’t quite place. A brutal new foe known only as Thumper. Who is this new menace that has the Merc With a Mouth so outmatched and outgunned? What is Deadpool’s past connection to this new baddie?

Wade’s journey to uncover the mystery of Thumper will take him across the Marvel Universe and face-to-face with many familiar faces. Cable! Domino! X-Force! Even Star-Lord! Blood will be shed and old scores will be settled. Deadly twists and turns await as Wade Wilson faces one of his greatest challenges yet.

"Deadpool: Bad Blood" is written by Rob Liefeld, Chris Sims, and Chad Bowers with art by Rob Liefeld. The graphic novel goes on sale May 17.

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