"Deadpool" Artist Liefeld Changes Stance On Shatterstar's Sexuality

With the release of the OGN "Deadpool: Bad Blood" in 2016, artist Rob Liefeld is returning not only to the titular merc with a mouth that he co-created, but also to a number of other characters that he brought to life through his work with Marvel Comics in the early '90s. Several of those characters -- like Cable, Domino and Shatterstar -- can be seen on Liefeld's cover for "Bad Blood," which will be written by "X-Men '92" scribes Chris Sims and Chad Bowers.

"I can absolutely confirm that there are plenty of characters from my character creation list for Marvel, it's an actual list!" said Liefeld in the announcement. The inclusion of Shatterstar, however, caused some fans to worry considering the changes made to the character since Liefeld's departure and his comments on the matter.

@MJFeuerborn please don't worry. Shatterstar's sexual preferences are not my concern and will not be changed.

- robertliefeld (@robertliefeld) November 13, 2015

Liefeld's stance, as shown in the Twitter interaction above, has changed considerably over the past six years. Shatterstar and his partner, fellow mutant hero Rictor, were confirmed as being in a same-sex relationship in 2009's "X-Factor" #45. The development continued a long-dormant plot originally introduced in the mid-'90s by "X-Force" writer Jeph Loeb, who came on the book years after Liefeld's departure.

At the time of the outing, Liefeld was very critical of the change made to the character he co-created. In 2009, Liefeld wrote on his message board that he had "nothing against gays, I have gay family, nuthin' but love here. Ditto gay characters if that's what their true origins are. As the guy that created, designed and wrote his first dozen appearances, Shatterstar is not gay. Sorry. Can't wait to someday undo this. Seems totally contrived."

"Deadpool: Bad Blood" will arrive in 2016.

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