Deadpool #55

Story by
Art by
Shawn Crystal
Colors by
John Rauch
Letters by
Joe Sabino
Cover by
Marvel Comics

"Deadpool" #55 is a hysterically action-packed shoot-em-up adventure. Everybody's favorite Merc with a Mouth has apparently lost his healing factor. Now, death is inevitably possible for this fast-talking assassin, who used to be invincible in his glory days.

Writer Daniel Way has found some exciting ways to develop Deadpool's cynical and sarcastic personality. Full of charisma and bravado, Wade always spoke like he was definitely a ladies' man, even though he had a horrifying disfigured face. With his disfigurement suddenly fully healed, Wade finally has the face to prove he is truly God's gift to women.

To showcase Deadpool's playful attitude, Way constantly throws in the witty humor and funny one-liners into the mix of action. During their secret meeting, the Intelligencia wants to devise a cruel strategy to cause the destruction of the superhero community. World domination isn't something Deadpool actually desires. In a laugh-out-loud moment, Deadpool explains to the super villains that he doesn't want to follow orders from maniacal evil nerds.

In fact, Deadpool's new face builds many possible storylines for Way to explore. Way always asks the reader, who Deadpool is really supposed to be: the carefree ladies' man or the comedic killer-for hire. His day job regularly asks him to shoot and stab people. How can he possibly complete a single task when he actually has no healing factor? With a brand new face, Deadpool has something to lose -- an interesting premise to explore.

Artist Shawn Crystal is absolutely having fun illustrating the action sequences. During the issue's climax, Deadpool tries to doge the bombs and run away from the gun blasts. Readers are seeing a different version of Deadpool, who usually jumps blindly into a brawl. In order to show the character's newfound vulnerability, Crystal provides instances where Deadpool is trying to protect his handsome face, especially during the fiery explosions.

It is fascinating how Crystal is clearly able to show a facial expression through a red mask. Just using the white of Deadpool's eyes, the artist is able to present to readers the emotional roller-coaster ride he is going through. In the opening panels, Deadpool is lost in his stream of consciousness, talking to himself nonstop as he overthinks his next move.

"Deadpool" #55 is the beginning of a different life for Wade Wilson. Now that Wade has his boyish looks back, his newfound face is something worth adjusting to. Reality comes crashing in when Wade suddenly realizes he lost his vitally important healing factor. Can Deadpool still win against a group of genius super-villains, especially when he clearly lost the upper hand?

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