Deadpool #300 Explains Why Gerry Duggan Isn't Writing Wade's Book Anymore

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WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Despicable Deadpool #300, written by Gerry Duggan & Wade Wilson and illustrated by Scott Koblish, Matteo Lolli and Mike Hawthorne, in stores now.

Wait, did you just read that spoiler warning correctly? Did you really catch Wade Wilson's name as one of Despicable Deadpool #300's writers? Yes, you did.

With its Marvel Legacy numbering, the latest series starring everyone's favorite Merc' With a Mouth reaches a milestone even as it serves as a swan song for one of Wade Wilson's closest acquaintances. No, not Dopinder the taxi driver, and not Wolverine; this time, Deadpool's saying goodbye to someone behind the scenes -- longtime writer Gerry Duggan. And Deadpool being Deadpool, he's actually aware of the behind the scenes changes.

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Duggan's final issue on the title isn't just a goodbye, it's an appropriately insane tale that breaks the fourth wall in the craziest way possible in order to actually make the writer leaving the book part of the character's continuity. Long story short: Deadpool kills Gerry Duggan.

Despicable Deadpool meets Gerry Duggan

Duggan has been writing the Deadpool title ever since the Marvel NOW! relaunch in 2012. For the past six years, the scribe has guided Wade Wilson through zombie presidents, a wedding to a succubus demon queen, a membership with the Uncanny Avengers and a worldwide manhunt. Duggan wrote the character through new, all-new, different and all-different relaunches, and digital first comics (remember those?); and through such events as Original Sin, Axis, AvX, Secret Wars and Secret Empire. Yes, Gerry Duggan has been at it for a very long time. In fact, he's been shepherding Deadpool's adventures for so long, he's written more Deadpool comics than anyone else, ever.

This is certainly no small feat, so how does Wade Wilson thank Duggan for his years of service? With a bullet to the head, obviously.

Deadpool has been doing his best to find someone to punish him for his recent crimes, which include the killing of Agent Coulson during Secret Empire. After a failed attempt to get himself apprehended by the Avengers, Wade Wilson decides there is only one place left for him to go. Standing on the side of the road, he starts hitchhiking. A car pulls up next to him and, through the window, Deadpool realizes he knows the driver. "I'm surprised you didn't try to show up before now," he says.

Despicable Deadpool Wade kills Gerry Duggan

Then, the driver is revealed as Gerry Duggan, who appears as himself. That's right, Duggan writes himself into the issue, a tactic Deadpool is quick to point out is the same bit Grant Morrison used to close out his Animal Run in the '80s. This sparks complete panic in Duggan, who now realizes that he messed up the end of his final issue. But Wade calms him down, and tells Gerry that he knows exactly how to end milestone run.

Relieved, Duggan apologizes for all the stuff he put Wade through for the past six years -- for all the ups and downs (mostly downs), for the severed limbs, for all of his losses and every other bad thing that happened to him. And that's when Deadpool shoots his writer in the head and steals his car. As Deadpool drives away, it becomes clear that this was the only possible ending. In his six-year run, Duggan never exactly played it safe. Crazy was the name of the game, and Deadpool's adventures lived up to the limitless potential of the character.

The scene where Deadpool kills Duggan takes place on page 22 of a 60-page giant finale, which is billed as the last page written by Duggan in the issue's credits. From 23 through 60, the comic is written by Wade Wilson himself, who guides his own story to the end zone. It's a brilliant way to end a run that was as brilliant as it was insane. An ending worthy of Deadpool himself.

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