Deadpool #30

Story by
Art by
John Lucas
Colors by
Val Staples
Letters by
Joe Sabino
Cover by
Marvel Comics

"Deadpool" #30 features a story titled "The Brave and the Blonde," teaming the Merc with a Mouth up with the Disco Diva as writers Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan bring Dazzler in for an extra-special team-up against hordes of vampires. As an added bonus, this issue connects to "Original Sin" as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Preston and Adsit were in the proximity of the exploding eyeball of the Watcher.

The writers bring Dazzler in as a secret weapon to be used against Dracula's forces as Deadpool's wife, Shiklah, continues to wage war against the king of the vampires. Posehn and Duggan couldn't leave the story as uncomplicated as that, however, and make a case to bring in Dazzler from a different era, complete with her white jumpsuit and roller skates. Of course, in the hands of this writing duo, that means a whole other set of characteristics comes along with Dazzler in the form of 1980s expressions, like "grody" and "radical." The writers pump as much humor into "Deadpool" #30 as they have any issue, which is surprisingly dark, given the mortality rate of the participants.

Wildly expressive, gestural and cartoony, John Lucas' drawings would be just as appropriate in an issue of "Mad Magazine" spoofing comic books as they are here in a spoofy comic book like "Deadpool" #30. Like the story, the art doesn't take itself too seriously as Lucas takes everything over-the-top, from the evisceration of subway riders to the absurdity present in the denizens of Shikla's Monster Metropolis. Val Staples' colors are every bit as vivacious, making Dazzler's light show really shine as she fights vampires alongside Deadpool in the name of Shikla. This is a comic book built for absurdity and the art team delivers on every note.

The "Original Sin" aspect of this book sets Agent Preston on a search for Deadpool's daughter. There isn't as much of that storyline in this issue, but Duggan, Posehn and crew set things up for further exploration. No doubt it will be tinged with humor and somehow just as absurd as using Dazzler from the past to fight vampires of the present. This comic continues to be enjoyably irreverent. "Deadpool" #30 is a solid example of what to expect from a frequently entertaining series.

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