Deadpool 2 Screenwriters Tease Film's Relationship To X-Force

Deadpool Colossus Negasonic teenage warhead

While we still don't have a concrete release date for "Deadpool 2," the brains behind the highly anticipated sequel have been sharing their thoughts about the next chapter of Wade Wilson's big screen life in a number of interviews. We've recently learned more about "Logan's" pre-film Deadpool short and the relationship between DP and his upcoming partner Cable. Now, screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have revealed how the "Deadpool" films will interact with their spinoff, "X-Force."

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In a chat with CinemaBlend, screenwriter Rhett Reese spoke about how "Deadpool 2" will lead to "X-Force." If fans have been worried that the film will spend too much time setting up the mutant team movie, consider your worries acknowledged.

"We're trying not to think too much about ['X-Force'], because you can really...It's a trap in these movies to use the current movie to set up the next movie, as opposed to making the current movie," said Reese. "I know that I buck against it. I feel like, 'Oh, here we go -- it's just setting up something that doesn't even matter for this movie. It only matters for the next movie.' So we are keeping in mind that there will be a next movie; we're trying to set up the characters that will be in that next movie. But that's not our first goal. Our first goal is to tell a Deadpool story in an emotional, fun, satisfying way. And then the fact that we're setting up something in the future -- it's happening, but you're not gonna see that mustache-twirling villain, who is going 'Hahaha, [it's all coming into place].' You're just not going to see that, because that's not our game."

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While "Deadpool 2" may not do much heavy lifting towards setting up "X-Force," it will introduce two primary members of that team: Cable and Domino. Additionally, Reese said that the "Deadpool" franchise and the "X-Force" film will cover two different areas.

"It's working in an expansive way towards 'X-Force,' which will really be more of an ensemble," said Reese. "But then that will allow us to do both an 'X-Force' movie and a 'Deadpool 3,' which actually contracts back down... So I think we'll be able to take two paths. One is where we're launching something bigger, but then another where we're contracting and staying personal and small. So I think best of all worlds, really."

Directed by David Leitch (“John Wick”), the “Deadpool” sequel will once again star Ryan Reynolds, joined (so far) by Zazie Beetz as Domino, Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Karan Soni as Dopinder and, presumably, Stefan Kapičić as the voice of Colossus.

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