Deadpool 2 Trailer Breakdown: Wow, There's A Lot To Discuss ...

Deadpool 2

The long-awaited new trailer for Fox's Deadpool 2 has a little something for everyone: action, humor, plot details, a 1980 love song. That, of course, means there's also a lot to unpack in this two and a half minutes, give or take.

Filled with plenty of new footage, it establishes the mission of Josh Brolin's Cable isn't to protect the mysterious kid played by Julian Dennison of Hunt for the Wilderpeople but instead to kill him. That means it's up to Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool and his newly formed X-Force to save him. To what end still isn't clear, but the journey will no doubt be fun (if a bit gory at times).

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Follow along as we call out some of the trailer’s key moments, rethink some theories about the plot of Deadpool 2, and wonder where the Merc With the Mouth gets those wonderful crop tops.

Dopinder Is All Out of Love ...

Deadpool 2

The trailer's opening song, the 1980 hit "I'm All Out of Love," by Australian soft-rock duo Air Supply, is fitting, not only that it stands in stark contrast to Deadpool being pursued down an alley by an angry mob, but because it appears to provide Dopinder with some solace. Played by Karan Soni, the lovelorn taxi driver was perhaps the breakout star of the 2016 original, in which he befriended Deadpool and then took his advice, resulting Dopinder's his cousin and romantic rival Bandhu being kidnapped and stuffed into the trunk of the cab. Which ... was then crashed into a truck.

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Perhaps demonstrating that he's just too darned trusting, and forgiving, Dopinder is back behind the wheel in the sequel, once again serving as Wade Wilson's chauffeur. His payment is a shattered window, bullet holes, and a possible smelly stain in the back seat. To paraphrase Air Supply, oh, Dopinder what were you thinking of?

Over-the-Top Violence -- Now With International Flair!

Deadpool 2

For all of its big set pieces, the events of 2016's Deadpool unfolded in a relatively limited geographical area: New York City, or, rather, Vancouver, standing in for New York City. For the sequel, the production returned to that location, but this trailer certainly suggests the Merc With a Mouth will broaden his scope. Between this violent scene in the opening moments, and the fight in the upscale communal bathhouse depicted later on, it would seem Wade Wilson's job may take him overseas.

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