Deadpool 2 Introduces a New Super-Team - But Who the Heck Are They?


WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the new Deadpool 2 trailer.

Deadpool 2's first full trailer has dropped and it appears to introduce a brand-new super-team into the X-Universe, possibly either tying in a classic part of Cable and Deadpool's shared part or maybe even giving us a glimpse at future X-Universe film. Could we have just seen the debut of X-Force...?

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Deadpool 2 is based around Deadpool meeting Cable, a character that Deadpool has been connected with ever since Wade Wilson's first appearance all the way back in 1990's New Mutants #98...

However, in that same issue that Deadpool made his first appearance, we also got to meet Domino, who was an old ally of Cable. She joined up with Cable as he transformed the New Mutants into X-Force. In the 8th issue of X-Force, we learned where Cable and Domino first met each other.

They were part of a team of mercenaries known as the Wild Pack. The team members in that group were Cable, Domino, G.W. Bridge, Hammer, Garrison Kane and Grizzly...

There was just one problem. There already was a team of mercenaries in the Marvel Universe who used the name "Wild Pack." Silver Sable led them and she even had her own brief series called Silver Sable and the Wild Pack.

Thus, the six-member team was re-named the Six Pack...

Over the years, we learned that Deadpool had clashed with the Six Pack a number of times over the years, mostly because Deadpool's employer at the time, the mysterious Mr. Tolliver, was actually Cable's time-traveling adopted son (if you think that sounds convoluted then you never read an X-Men comic book in the 1990s).

As time went by, the Six Pack re-formed with a few additional members...

Deadpool was even on the team for a while.

Since Deadpool and Domino were both on the team at different points in the history of the group, it stands to reason that the super-team shown in the Deadpool 2 trailer is likely a version of the Six Pack/Wild Pack, with the new character on Deadpool's left (played by Terry Crews) likely G.W. Bridge, one of the most prominent members of the group (Bridge later went on to join SHIELD and was even briefly the head of SHIELD).

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However, since Domino is involved, this opens up the possibility that instead of being the Wild Pack/Six Pack, this could be an introduction of X-Force into the X-Universe.

It has already been announced that an X-Force movie is in the works (and it apparently is still happening, even if the Disney/Fox deal happens) and if you look behind G.W. Bridge, it sure does look like someone is wearing the famous headgear worn by Shatterstar in X-Force.

The issue there, though, is if you look at the above drawings of the Six Pack/Wild Pack, a few of them wore the same headgear (that sort of headgear was very popular in 1990s comic books), so it could be Shatterstar or it could be another member of the Six Pack/Wild Pack.

While it is unclear precisely what team that this is, we're at least clearly going to be introduced to one of the iconic teams established by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza in the early 1990s, which should be amazing.

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