Deadpool 2 Writers Break Down the (Many) Big Surprises in the Film

Speaking of a known character that is definitely in the movie -- Black Tom Cassidy a major X-Men villain that we hadn’t seen before in live action.

Reese: There was a a much grander version of him in an earlier script where he actually lives until the end of act three, and he becomes the devil on Firefist's shoulder, trying to get him to turn bad.

Wernick: He was essentially the villain. There was a script where he was the primary villain of the movie.

Reese: But we thought we were overstuffing the movie a little bit with too many antagonists, too many villains. And also budgetarily, it was very, very expensive, because his powers are to move organic material around -- the entire orphanage, and the trees, everything was flying around, and the hailstorms of wood -- it was really cool, but it was also really, really expensive, and we just thought, we prefer to throw that money to the CG of Juggernaut as opposed to Black Tom. So he got reduced -- and then killed, which I know a lot of people are probably going to be upset about, but we can always go back in time and make anybody alive, so perhaps he'll come back. Jack did a great job with the character in limited time. That was Black Tom's role, and it did reduce a little bit, unfortunately.

That’s a character with a definite history with Deadpool in the comics -- and Juggernaut.

Reese: Yeah, I know. I know. We killed him a little too quickly.

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Another surprise appearance, so to speak, is the Vanisher, who turned out to be Brad Pitt when he was finally seen. What inspired that? Just the visual gag?

Reese: Truly, that was it!

Wernick: We just thought, how fun would it be? They don't know that the guy's actually in the room, or is he in the room? With the parachute and so forth. The Brad Pitt cameo was actually very, very late in post process. It was the last thing we shot on the Fox lot.

Reese: The very last footage we shot in the movie was of Brad. He basically said, "I'll do it for scale and a cup of Starbucks -- but Ryan's got to go get the Starbucks for me." So Ryan's literally delivering the Starbucks to Brad. It was so funny. Two A-list superstars getting coffee together and working for scale. It was pretty fun.

Did that stem from the reports that Brad Pitt was interested in playing Cable?

Wernick: We had talked to Brad about being Cable at one point, and ultimately we're so happy that Josh came aboard. But I think Brad's kids are big Deadpool fans, so he jumped at the chance to be a part of it in any form or fashion.

People are buzzing about the mid-credits scene as being one of the best ever -- how did that develop? Was it always something that was in the script?

Reese: It wasn't. The first screenings of the movie we do without any coda, so people saw the movie, and they were happy with it.

Wernick: We hadn't shot the coda.

Reese: We shoot it in additional photography, because we generally like to look at the whole movie and see how it plays out before we decide what we want to do at the end.

We had another idea that was in there for a while, which was, he was going to do some more X-Force interviews. He was going to open it up, and we had this bit where Chris Evans walked in, and then of course he treats him as Johnny Storm instead of Captain America, which we thought was really funny.

Long story short, when it came down to it, someone had the idea for the time machine, and we just thought, “Oh, that’s just too classic.” How meta can it be when Ryan Reynolds is going back in time to stop previous Ryan Reynolds from taking the Green Lantern movie? When Ryan had that idea of the Green Lantern bit, because he’s so willing to make fun of himself, we just lost it. We thought, that’s the funniest idea ever, and what a great idea to end the movie.

Originally it ended with Deadpool killing baby Hitler. At the very, very end of the credits, we had him going and killing an infant version of Hitler. Then we decided that was a little too harsh— not killing Hitler, but killing a baby.

No matter what, it’s hard to sell the comedy of that.

Reese: Exactly.

Wernick: You can’t really walk out of that movie going, “I had a good time. That was amazing!”

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