Deadpool 2 Beats Solo at International Box Office

deadpool 2

While Solo: A Star Wars Story maintained its top spot at the U.S. box office in its second weekend of release, Deadpool 2 continues to win hearts and minds overseas, where it reclaimed its international crown.

The Deadpool sequel had a strong opening in Japan, boosting its overseas weekend haul to $41.6 million. That surpassed Solo's $30.3 million for its sophomore weekend. While the Star Wars spinoff saw only a better-than-average 47-percent drop between weekends, it's earned $264.2 million worldwide to date, following a weak debut. Comparatively, Deadpool 2 has earned $598.6 million globally after its third weekend.

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This puts the X-Men spinoff at approximately 3 percent behind its 2016 predecessor internationally within the same time frame, but in the face of stronger competition from Solo's debut and from Avengers: Infinity War's continued strong performance.

The Avengers sequel remains the movie to beat at cinemas this year, having experienced only a 26-percent drop internationally over the weekend. Infinity War has earned $356.2 million in China alone, with a combined global box office of $1.96 billion as it inches closer to become the first summer blockbuster to earn $2 billion.

With Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom opening in theaters overseas this coming weekend, all three films will face some serious international competition from Universal's blockbuster dinosaur franchise.

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