Deadpool 2 Investigation Finds Safety Laws Violated in Stuntwoman's Death


A fatal motorcycle stunt crash on the set of Deadpool 2 has been found to violate a number of safety regulations, according to an investigation by the Canadian safety organization WorkSafeBC.

Deadline reports, “Instructing the stunt performer not to wear safety headgear while operating the motorcycle,” is one of the safety regulations the Deadpool 2 production company, TCF Vancouver Productions Ltd., is accused of violating. Joi Harris is the stuntwoman who was killed in 2017 when she was thrown from her motorcycle through a building window.

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TCF Vancouver Productions Ltd. also “Failed to ensure that the workplace was designed with safety controls in place so that the stunt performer or the motorcycle could not proceed beyond the perimeter of the film set. Barriers were absent that should have prevented the stunt performer and motorcycle from leaving the set perimeter.”

Other violations found in the full report state the production company “Failed to conduct a risk assessment addressing safety controls, speed of the motorcycle, and equipment limitations. The employer failed to complete important health and safety documentation, including a stunt safety inspection checklist and a production activity notification checklist, as required by its own health and safety program.”

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Deadpool 2 marked Harris' debut as a stunt actor, though she was an experienced motorcycle driver. The report also said the company “failed to ensure that the stunt performer was provided with a new worker orientation and failed to ensure that the stunt performer completed the young and new worker orientation checklist.”

In conclusion, WorkSafeBC's findings “may result in an administrative penalty where violations of the Workers Compensation Act or the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation have occurred. WorkSafeBC is now considering a penalty based on the findings” of the investigation.

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